S.W. Alexander

Transcribed by Tina Easley

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S. W. Alexander, manufacturer and dealer in hard wood lumber, railroad ties, wagons, agricultural implements, car material, etc., at Corning, Ark., was born in Hancock County, Ind., October 17, 1835, his parents, James and Mary (Mac Michael) Alexander, and his grandparents, on both sides, being natives of Orange County, N. C. They all emigrated at an early day (about 1828) to Indiana where they died. The great-grandfather was in the Revolutionary War, and fired the first cannon in that service. James Alexander remained in Hancock County, Ind., until the spring of 1857, when he emigrated to Polk County, Iowa, where he was living at the time of his death, in 1882. His wife died in 1872, have borne five children: John C., Julia A., Simeon W., James A. and Louisa. Mr. Alexander was a farmer by occupation. Simeon W. Alexander, our subject, was reared and educated in his native county, and from childhood has been familiar with farm life. On reaching his majority he was married, and emigrated to Illinois, locating in Cumberland County, where he was engaged in the saw-mill business until 1859, when he removed to Polk County, Iowa, but returned to Illinois in December, 1863, and there resided until the fall of 1869. In the fall of that year he sold his mill and returned to Iowa, where he remained until 1886, being engaged in both lumbering and farming on an extensive scale. He owned 400 acres of good land and on coming to Clay County, embarked in the lumber business, putting up a large saw-mill. He still continues this business and employs a great many hands. He owns about 2,400 acres of land in Clay County, some 1.000 of which will make fine farming land when improved. He also has one of the best houses in the county, situated in Corning. October 23, 1856, he was married to Miss Mary Faster, a native of Indiana, by whom he has seven children: William (in Dakota). Lucy M., Cora (wife of T. J. Conway, of Chicago). Charles W., Addie, Freddie and Edward. Mr. Alexander is a member of the I. O. O. F., and is one of the public spirited men of Clay County, always being ready to advance the interests of the people.