Tera Ann Smith Futrell

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Tera was born in the Buffalo Community of Humphreys County, Tennessee to  Wallace Dickson Smith and Nancy Catherine Owens.  She was one of 7 children.  Only Tera and sister, Elliza Jane lived to adulthood.

  The family moved to Arkansas sometime in the late 1800's  to Oil Trough.  Tera's sister, Eliza Jane, was my great grandmother.  Tera and Eliza's maternal grandparent's were Smallwood Owens and Mary Penn. Their fraternal grandparent's were Daniel Jones Smith and Martha Ann Thomas Ragsdale.  The Owens family had come from Somerset, Maryland where their family is well-recorded (Belitha Owens and Mary Ennis, Abigail Fooks and Zadock Ennis).  

Abigail Fooks was Tera's great grandmother and through that line the family descends from Fulk I, the Count of Anjour of the Plantagenet Dynasty. This is recorded in many of the ancient books of Europe and in The Fooks Family by Herbert C. Fooks.

  Tera's grandmother Mary Penn Owens descends from the Penn Family of North Carolina where John Penn, the signer of the Declaration of Independence lived.  There is speculation that Mary and John Penn are cousin's, even though Mary always declared she was a direct descendant of Governor William Penn.  We have not been able to tie these two people together except as possible cousin's.  

The Ragsdale ancestors that first came to America landed in Jamestown in 1642 where they lived for two years before being killed by Chief Opechanough of the Powatan Indians.  He was the half Uncle of Pocahontas.

  These two Ragsdale ancestors were Godfrey and Mary Cookney Ragsdale.  Before they were killed they had the presence of mind to hide their baby, Godfrey the second....he was later discovered by family members and in his 20's claimed his inheritance.  

Eliza Jane Smith married Henry Edward Heathington of Dickson, Tennessee.  They had six children.  Eliza lived until 1950 where she died in Crosby County, Texas.  

I always see such wonderful information on the Governor...I thought it would be nice to have some information on one of the First Ladies of Arkansas.   Sincerely,   Shirley Dreaden