Walcott Baseball Team

abt 1920

Transcribed by : Tina Easley

A merchant at Walcott , Lawerence Dacus wanted to find the best team he could put together . So , he just recruited the entire Finch team . The exact date of this picture and the team is not known . It is believed to be around 1920. Not long after WWI . They may have played more than one year, this is not known for sure. What is known , from talking to older people and the stories handed down , they were a very good team for the time and all coming from the same community .

Th team traveled to various places to play . They went to Poplar Bluff , Mo. as well other towns in Mo. They traveled to other places in Ar. , including West Memphis . They went by train and would play more than one game at each stop. Their record or how many games they played has long been forgotten and all of them are dead so we will never know the details of their playing days. No doubt that they were a good team.

They represented Walcott as well. At this time Walcott was a good size community . It had a doctor , bank , cotton gin , black smith shop and more than one store and a Post Office.

Five of the players in the 1915 Finch team also played on the Walcott team. They were : Joe Hyde , Charlie Hyde , Roy Greenway , Mack Thompson and Jim Thompson .