Willis Reddick

My Great -Great Grandfather

Transcribed by Tina Easley



Willis Reddick was born in North Carolina in 1820. In 1850 he was living in DyerCounty, Tennessee. The full name of his wife is not known since she is listed simply as"L" in the 1850 census. The Reddick children at this time were: Arsina, 1842; E. D., 1845; and Humphrey, 1848. According to tradition, Humphrey Reddick and his wife, Emaline F., came to Greene County during the 1870's; however their names do not appear in the 1880 census for the County. The Reddick family settled in the St. Francis River bottomland in the eastern part of Greene County. Humphrey and Emaline F. Reddick are buried at the Reddick Cemetery very near the point where they originally settled. Humphrey's marker shows dates of 1840 and 1908. The marker for Emaline bears dates of 1848 and 1891.