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          There are two legal Public Cemetery Districts within the County of El Dorado.  We have provided the County of El Dorado's shortcut links to the information pages for the two districts.
          In the past there was a mistaken notion that a public cemetery district had been formed for the Greenwood Cemetery.  However, research and correspondence from the Local Agency Formation Commission -  (LAFCO-Website) has concluded that no such legal district has ever been formed.
          In July of 2000, we sent a letter to the William "Sam" Bradley, then Chair of the board of supervisors, requesting that the Board rescind all appointments of persons previously appointed as "trustees" to this non-existent public cemetery district.  We received no response and no acknowledgement.
          District 4 Supervisor, Penny Humphreys, in January of 2001 placed off calendar the next scheduled appointment of a "trustee" to the "Greenwood Cemetery District."  No further appointments have been made to this time (June 1, 2002.)  However, the previously appointed "trustees" purportedly still remain on the "Board of Directors" of the non-existent "Greenwood Cemetery District."
          It is our hope that the board of supervisors will remedy this muddled situation in the near future.  In a recent proposal to amend the County Cemeteries Ordinance, Greenwood Cemetery was listed as a "private cemetery," when it is a legal public county cemetery.  For more about this matter, see the EDCPCC web page for Greenwood Cemetery (
pending construction).


Happy Homestead Cemetery District

Kelsey Cemetery District


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