(a California 501(3)(c) Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation)

"Many have filled unknown graves,
far from home and kindred,
with no kind friends to drop a tear or plant a sprig
over their unmarked graves..."

Pioneer Days in California
John Carr (1891)


Purpose and Objectives



To identify pioneer cemeteries in El Dorado County, to determine those which are in crises, to address protection, preservation, restoration and conservation needs, and work together to accomplish these tasks. To represent the needs of the county's pioneer cemeteries in public forum and through education of the public to the value and historical significance of such sites.


The primary objectives of the Commission shall be to devise, study and implement methods to ensure for the protection, restoration and preservation of El Dorado County's pioneer cemeteries.

Among the formalized objectives of the Commission, may be any of the following:

1.  Identification of pioneer cemeteries, their histories and ownership.

2.  Inventory of remaining tombstones.

             3.  Preparation of a plot map of the cemetery grounds, if none currently exists.

4.  Identification of unmarked grave sites and placement of markers identifying their locations.

5. Identification of known or possible burials to identify possible deceased represented by the unmarked graves.

6. Clean-up, maintenance, repair and restoration of cemetery grounds.

             7.  Cleaning, repair and restoration of tombstones.

8.  Installation of interpretative signs providing the history of each area, the names believed to be in unmarked graves, and a plot map and listing of each identified interment.

9.  Coordinate with area chambers of commerce to produce brochures about the pioneer cemeteries to encourage the public's appreciation of these historic sites.

10.  Lobby the County to establish a County Cemetery Board to provide oversight and protection for the pioneer cemeteries and to pass ordinances strengthening the enforcement of California laws pertaining to vandalism and desecration.

11.  To monitor development within the county to ensure that pioneer cemeteries are acknowledged as being significantly impacted and to work to prevent the further loss of pioneer cemeteries.

12.  Develop a bill to be presented to the State Legislature which would strengthen and provide for the protection and preservation of the state's pioneer cemeteries.