(aka Smith Flat, Smithflat & Smith's Flat Cemetery)

Assessor's Parcel No .048-290-08
Smith Flat Cemetery Road, off Smith Flat Road
Placerville, California

Supervisorial District 3 - Carl Borelli

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          EDCPCC members devote vast amounts of time and energy researching deaths and burials in El Dorado County.  By utilizing old county burial permits, church records, newspaper obituaries and death notices, funeral home records, descendant provided information, and previous tombstone inventories taken by earlier research, it is possible to identify actual burials, those that did occur in the cemetery, and probable or possible burials of persons who died at or near a community with a cemetery for which no other burial information is presently available.
          Because a great deal of information from the earliest years of El Dorado county's past is not readily available, we recognize that these interment identification listings may never be considered complete. We believe they are, however, the most extensive effort ever made to identify those previously unknown and presently unmarked graves in our many historic cemeteries.  This becomes vitally important in the instance of those cemeteries which continue to be operated without having historic burial records or plot maps.
          Without a doubt, we know that we have not identified all the burials that occurred at the Smiths Flat Cemetery.  Perhaps, in time, this list will grow so that all the burials will be known and identified.
          The oldest marked grave at Smiths Flat Cemetery is that of James D. Spencer who died April 1, 1862.  The earliet documented unmarked burial is that of Charles Starks who died April 24, 1863, and whose funeral service was performed by the newly arrived Rev. C.C. Peirce.  
          The most recent interment was that of Eileen Carpender Riffey who died April 23, 1997.  Including Eileen Riffey, it appears that four interments took place in the 1990s in this historic cemetery that has no historic records or plot map.

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Interment Identification List

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