A list of books about
Riverside County
The Hemet Hotel - Hemet, circa 1910

The following list of books for Riverside, the Mission Inn, and Riverside County, and Ramona is, to the best of my knowledge, an exhaustive one.  If you know of one that I've left off, by all means let me know and I'll put it up.  Most (but unfortunately not all) of these books are in my collection, and I'd be more than happy to look up any information that you'd like - just let me know!
Riverside City
1 Anonymous Riverside General Hospital Centennial Book
2 Anonymous Souvenier of the City of Riverside (1906)
3 Austen, Ruth Riverside: The Heritage, The People, The Vision
4 Baker, Ron Serving Through Partnership: A Centennial History of the Riverside City and County Public Library
5 Chase, Ethan Allen A Maine Boy 
6 Clark, E. P. (ed.) 80th Birthday Ethan Allen Chase
7 Coop, L. G. Who's Who in Riverside: A Book of Cartoons by Willard Cundiff
8 Deere, Rev G.E. Autobiography of Reverend G. E. Deere
9 Evans, Lois The Story of the Mission Bridge Brand
10 First Congregational Church The Lighted Cross
11 Gabbert, John History of Riverside City and County
12 Gaylord, Bill "Re:Cycling" in Riverside
13 Hall, Joan and Esther Klotz Adobes, Bungalows, and Mansions of Riverside, California
14 Hall, Joan A Citrus Legacy
15 Hall, Joan Riverside's Invisible Past
16 Hall, Joan So What's New?
17 Hendrick, Irving G. The Development of a School Integration Plan in Riverside, 
18 Holmes, Elmer Wallace History of Riverside County
19 Jimenez, Gilbert and Thomas Johnson Riverside City College: A 65 Year History
20 Klotz, Esther Riverside and the Day the Bank Broke
21 Klotz, Lawton, and Joan Hall A History of Citrus in the Riverside Area
22 Klure, Laura L. Let's Be Doers
23 Lewis, Richard and Vince Moses A Century of Service
24 MacCurdy, Rahno Mabel The History of the California Fruit Grower's Exchange
25 Patterson, Tom A Colony for California
26 Patterson, Tom Landmarks of Riverside
27 Paul, Arthur G. Riverside Community Book
28 Pickerell, Albert G. and May Dornin The University of California - A Pictorial History
29 Pruett, C. J. History of the Hole Ranch, Riverside California
30 Rawitsch, Mark No Other Place
31 Riverside Municipal Museum Life in Little Gom-Benn
32 Signor, John The Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad Company
33 Skinner, Byron R. Black Origins in the Inland Empire
34 Stewart, Pat Fairmount Park - A Brief History
35 Sunkist Growers Inc (Catherine Merle) Heritage of Gold
36 Swett, Ira The Riverside and Arlington Electric Railway
Mission Inn
1 Anonymous Days of Peace and Rest at the Glenwood by Those Who Know
2 Anonymous The Golden Rayas Alter
3 Anonymous Mission Inn Grand Opening Gala
4 Benton, Arthur The Mission Inn
5 Gale, Zona Frank Miller of Mission Inn
6 Hall, Joan Through the Doors of the Mission Inn
7 Hutchings, Allis Miller Dolls and Animals of the World
8 James, George Wharton In and Out of the Old Missions
9 Jones, Robert The History of Villa Rockledge
10 Klotz, Esther The Mission Inn: Its History and Artifacts
11 Mission Inn Foundation The Story of the Mission Inn
12 Parks, Walt The Famous Flyer's Wall
Riverside County - Western Area
1 Anonymous. Corona: The Queen Colony.
2 Anonymous. Guide to the Historic Landmarks of Riverside County California.
3 Anonymous. Legends and History of the San Jacinto Mountains.
4 Anonymous. March A.F.B. - 1918-1962
5 Anonymous. Norco Remembers.
6 Bliven, B.O. Riverside - A Happy County
7 Brown, James. Harvest of the Sun.
8 Brown and Boyd. History of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.
9 Brumgardt, John. Historical Portraits of Riverside County
10 Bynon, A. A. and Son. History and Directory of Riverside County 1893-94.
11 Condit, Ida Parks. Jurupa: Peace and Friendship.
12 Eyer, William K. Banning and San Gorgonio Pass.
13 Eyer, William K. Condensed History of Beaumont and Cherry Valley.
14 Fitch, Robert Profile of a Century
15 Gabbert, John. History of Riverside City and County.
16 Gardiner, Phyllis. The Hyatt Legacy.
17 Garner, Walter T. Arcadia and the Forgotten Guapa.
18 Garrison, Arlean. My Children's Home: A History of Murrieta, California.
19 Gerstbacher, Emily. Temecula History: A Chronology.
20 Gunther, Jane Davies. Riverside County, California Place Names.
21 Haggland, Mary. Stories of the Courts of Jurupa.
22 Haggland, Mary. With a Chuckle and a Grin.
23 Hanson, Bill and Bill Jennings. The San Jacinto Valley Railway.
24 Harley, Dr. R. Bruce. The Agua Mansa History Trail
25 Harley, Dr. R. Bruce. (Compiler) The Agua Mansa Story.
26 Harley, Dr. R. Bruce. By the Gentle Water: Agua Mansa and San Salvador Parish 1842-1893.
27 Harley, Dr. R. Bruce. Centennial History of the Catholic Church in Riverside County
28 Harley, Dr. R. Bruce. The March Field Story
29 Harley, Dr. R. Bruce. Seek and Ye Shall Find.
30 Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society. San Jacinto Valley: Past and Present.
31 Hemet News The Hemet News Golden Anniversary Ed., 1893 - 1943.
32 Holmes, Elmer Wallace History of Riverside County
33 Hornbeck, Robert. Robidoux's Ranch in the '70s.
34 Hudson, Tom. 1000 Years in the Temecula Valley.
35 Hudson, Tom. Lake Elsinore Valley: Its Story 1776-1977.
36 Hudson, Tom. The West is My Home
37 Hudson, Tom. Three Paths Along A River.
38 Hughes, Tom. History of Banning and the San Gorgonio Pass.
39 Jensen, Neil. Fred Perris in Deseret.
40 Johnston, Francis J. The Bradshaw Trail.
41 Kirkby, Ruth A. Ghost Towns of the Jurupa Mountains.
42 Kurz, Don Robidoux Rancho on the Jurupa
43 Leibert, Marie Goethals. Early Days.
44 Parker, Horace. The Historic Valley of Temecula. (4 vols.)
45 Perris Valley Chamber of Commerce. Historical Book of Memories Commemorating the City of Perris.
46 Quimby, Garfield M. History of the Potrero Ranch and its Neighbors.
47 Rail-Boyce, Mary Alice. Murrieta: Old Town, New Town.
48 Reed, Lester. Old-Time Cattlemen of the Anza-Borrego Area.
49 Reed, Lester. Old-Timers of Southeastern California.
50 Reynolds, Stanley and Fred Eldridge. Corona California Commentaries.
51 Robinson, John W. and Bruce D. Risher. The San Jacintos.
52 Robinson, W. W. The Story of Riverside County.
53 Ross, Delmer G. Gold Road to La Paz - An Interpretive Guide to the Bradshaw Trail.
54 Signor, John. Beaumont Hill
55 Signor, John. The Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad Company.
56 Smith, Gerald, Michael K. Lerch and Harley Garbani. Indian Pit and Groove Petroglyphs Cupules of Western Riverside County.
57 Smith, Gerald, and Stephen Freers. Fading Images.
58 Sun City Civic Organization. Sun City: The First 30 Years.
59 Tapper, Violet. The Friendliest Valley
60 Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce. They Passed this Way.
61 Vickery, Joyce. Defending Eden.
62 Whitney, Mary E. Fortune Favors the Brave.
63 Wright, Carole Henderson. Temecula Remembered.
Riverside County - Desert Area
1 Admiral, Don Desert of the Palms
2 Admiral, Don Palm Springs Desert Area and Vicinity
3 Ainsworth, Ed Beckoning Desert
4 Ainsworth, Katherine The McCallum Saga
5 Anonymous A Look into Palm Springs' History
6 Anonymous The Palm Springs Story - 1955
7 Bogart, Frank M. Palm Springs: First Hundred Years
8 Bright, Marjorie Belle Nellie's Boardinghouse
9 Burke, Tony Palm Springs: Why I Love You
10 California State Chamber of Commerce Southern California Deserts
11 Chase, J Smeaton California Desert Trails
12 Chase, J Smeaton Our Araby
13 Coachella Valley MWD Coachella Valley's Golden Years
14 Colley, Nevada From Maine to Mecca
15 Dekens, Camiel Riverman Desertman
16 Dunham, Wayland It's a Date
17 Foulkes, Cecelia Mecca: A California Desert History
18 Harrington, R.E. Souvenirs of the Palm Springs Area
19 Henderson, Randall On Desert Trails Today and Yesterday
20 James, George Wharton Wonders of the Colorado Desert
21 La Quinta Resort and Club La Quinta Resort and Club History
22 Lawton, Harry Willie Boy
23 McKenney, J. Wilson Desert Editor
24 Patencio, Chief Francisco Stories and Legends of the Palm Springs Indians
25 Richards, Elizabeth A Look into Palm Springs' Past
26 Sandos, James and Larry Burgess The Hunt for Willy Boy
27 Setzler, Grady Another Wilderness Conquered
28 Shields Date Gardens Coachella Valley Desert Trails & The Romance and Sex Life of the Date
Southern California
1 Batchelor, Leon Dexter & Weber, Herbert John The Citrus Industry
2 Bauer, Helen California Rancho Days
3 Bauer, John Health Seekers of Southern California
4 Anonymous Southern California Illustrated (1890)
5 Bell, Maj Horace Reminiscences of a Ranger
6 Cleland, Robert Glass. California: The American Period
7 Cleland, Robert Glass. The Cattle on a Thousand Hills.
8 Cleland, Robert Glass. From Wilderness to Empire.
9 Dumke, Glenn The Boom of the Eighties in Southern California
10 Guinn, J. M. A History of California and an Extended History of its Southern Coast Counties
11 Hall, William Hammond Irrigation in California (Southern)
12 Halsey, Mina Deane A Tenderfoot in Southern California
13 Highland, Monica Greetings from Southern California
14 James, George Wharton Traveler's Handbook to Southern California
15 Keeler, Charles A. Southern California
16 Lindley, Walter and J. P. Widney California of the South
17 Lothrop, Gloria Ricci Historical Outings in Southern California
18 McWilliams, Cary Southern California Country
19 Newmark, Harris Sixty Years in Southern California
20 Nordoff, Charles California: A Book for Travelers and Settlers
21 Nunis, Doyce B. (ed.) Southern California Local History
22 O'Flaherty, Joseph S. An End and A Beginning
23 O'Flaherty, Joseph S. Those Powerful Years
24 Pittman, Ruth Roadside History of California
25 Remondino, P. C. The Mediterranean Shores of America: Southern California, its Climatology, Etc
26 Rensch, Hero Eugene and Ethel Grace Historic Spots in California: The Southern Counties
27 Salley, Harold E. History of California Post Offices, 1849 - 1976
28 Sanborn, Kate A Truthful Woman in Southern California
29 Southern California Panama Expositions Commission Southern California
30 Southern California Panama Expositions Commission A History of Southern California
31 Starr, Kevin Americans and the California Dream
32 Starr, Kevin Inventing the Dream
33 Starr, Kevin Material Dreams
34 Starr, Kevin Endangered Dreams
35 Starr, Kevin The Dream Endures
36 Van Dyke, Theodore S. Southern California
37 Warner, Charles Dudley Our Italy
1 Allen, Margaret V. Ramona's Homeland
2 Banning, Evelyn Helen Hunt Jackson
3 Clough, Edwin Ramona's Marriage Place - The House of Estudillo
4 Davis, Carlyle Channing and William A. Alderson. The True Story of Ramona.
5 Hemet News The Ramona Pageant - A Pictorial History
6 Hufford, D. A. The Real Ramona
7 Jackson, Helen Hunt. California and the Missions.
8 Jackson, Helen Hunt. A Century of Dishonor.
9 Jackson, Helen Hunt. Ramona.
10 James, George Wharton. Through Ramona's Country.
11 Lummis, Charles Fletcher The Home of Ramona
12 Mathes, Valerie Sherer. Helen Hunt Jackson and her Indian Reform Legacy.
13 May, Antoinnette. The Annotated Ramona.
14 Odell, Ruth Helen Hunt Jackson
15 Vroman, Adam Clark and T. F. Barnes. The Genesis of the Story of Ramona.