The following list of people were all members of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors at one time or another.  We are seeking any information/photos/etc. on any of them.  If you have information, please let me know.

Bryant, William C., 3rd District, 1853-64. Desire picture and biographical info.
Carpenter, Lester F. 2nd Dist., 1861-64. Ditto above
Chesney, Milton F., 4th Dist., 1920-33. Married? Family?
Clark, John D., 5th Dist., 1901-05. Picture
Cox, William J., 2nd Dist., 1855-57. Picture
Crosby, William C., 2nd Dist., 1855. Picture
Gates, Elisha H., 2nd Dist., 1880-83. Picture and more bio. info.
Hisom, George L., 5th Dist., 1881-83. Picture and more bio. info.
Holmes, Thomas, 2nd Dist., 1890-91. Picture
Johnson, John Alexander, 1st Dist., 1889-93. Picture and family(?) info.
McCoy, Robert, 2nd Dist., 1861-62. Picture and more bio. info.
Pishon, Nathaniel J., 3rd Dist., 1869-71. Picture
Riley, Joseph C., 1st Dist., 1877-80. Picture and family info.
Roof, Henry, 2nd Dist., 1859. Picture and bio. info.
Stewart, James, 2nd Dist., 1873-74. Picture and family info.
Suverkrup, Henry, 3rd Dist., 1864, 1st Dist., 1864-67 3rd Dist. 1871-73. Picture.
Taylor, Benjamin F., 1st Dist., 1856-57. Picture and bio. info.
Taylor, Norman, 1st Dist., 1855-56. Picture
Tuttle, Minor Cobb, 2nd Dist., 1862-63. Picture, bio. info., activities, etc.
Varley, Richard M., 2nd Dist., 1860-61, 2nd Dist., 1861-62. Picture.

Do you have any questions you want to post relative to San Bernardino County History?  If so, please let me know!

Steve Lech