Cemetery and Funeral Bureau Actions


          The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau (CFB) of the California Department of Consumer Affairs is the agency responsible for oversight of licensed private cemeteries in California.  The cemetery license is known as the Cemetery Certificate of Authority.  The CFB has evolved since late 1995 when the old State Cemetery Board (authorized to be created in 1950) was disbanded due to internal problems.

          The CFB has taken action in relation to the following cemeteries since it began to undertake the former cemetery board's responsibilities.  


Hidden Valley Memorial Park
(Pacheco, Contra Costa County)
[see Pacheco Cemetery]

Lincoln Memorial Park
(Compton, Los Angeles County)

Paradise Memorial Park
(Compton, Los Angeles County)

Woodlawn Cemetery
(Compton, Los Angeles County)

Interim Suspension Order Against Woodlawn Cemetery in Compton
Woodlawn Cemetery in Compton Reopening June 15
Cemetery and Funeral Bureau Revokes Woodlawn Cemetery's License
          If you have family buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, you may wish to contact the CFB if you are unable to locate your ancestor's grave.  To file a complaint, go to their website at:


Contact the CFB to find out about actions related to the above that are not posted here.

Endangered Cemetery Reports