El Dorado County


Grave of B.C. Avery; north side of Rattlesnake Bar Road, west of Hwy 49, Pilot Hill; grave marker has been removed; rocked cairned gravesite still on hill above road; on private property; with loss of institutional memory grave may at a future time be bulldozed with no one the wiser; grave was the topic of early newspaper accounts based on facts provided in the El Dorado County history published in 1883.

Latrobe area; one grave known to exist; local area woman desired burial there circa 1910-1920; have not located as yet; hill being used for various antenna and transmission towers.

Grave of William "Billy" Bowman; South Shingle Road, on portion of old Spring Garden Ranch; Bowman purchased this 1 rod square of land from owner Bullard; in the 1980's a developer bulldozed and toppled the marker Bowman made for himself but was stopped from doing further damage by local area residents; EDC Pioneer Cemeteries Commission went to Assessor's office and obtained a separate parcel number for Bowman's grave by producing copy of deed; area still needs constant watching as it is on hilltop (now preferable for new homes) and only watchful diligence may protect it.

     South side of Hwy 193 within Nugget Campground resort; a portion of this cemetery has been bulldozed for a vehicle and bus turnaround zone; only grave of Ella Coolidge (daughter of toll house owner) is marked, thanks to Native Daughters of the Golden West; bulk propane tank installed within 10 feet of marker.

Town of El Dorado; west side of El Dorado Road, north of Pleasant Valley Road before railroad crossing; deeds referencing location on file; cemetery used circa mid-1850's to 1870's.  Reports state Chinese grave stones removed so area could be used for horse grazing.

Weber Creek; south of Lotus Road within Sierra Rock Company's Weber Creek Quarry property.  This cemetery may have already been quarried out.  Local area family descendant of the Williamson family in 1997 stated that he believed the cemetery was endangered.  No site review performed at this time.

DARLINGTON MEADOWS CEMETERY (aka: Darlington Cemetery and Cedar Ravine Cemetery)
     Cedar Ravine Road and Weber Creek crossing; cemetery established on old ranch of early pioneer Abraham Darlington; on land transferred from the El Dorado County Water Agency to the El Dorado Irrigation District; will be impacted by the Texas Hill Reservoir Project; site review revealed existence of graves outside fenced boundary.

EL DORADO HOUSE CEMETERY (aka: Bentley-Parmeter family plot)
Business Drive, south of Durock Road, Shingle Springs; now on a commercial business lot within Barnett Business Park; cemetery dates to Nov. 1850 with the death of co-owner of this road house, George Richardson; later owner, Ellen Bentley, buried her daughter and son-in-law there in the early 1860's after the son-in-law murdered the daughter and committed suicide; last documented burial occurred circa 1905-1910; one grave believed to have been relocated to Sacramento's East Lawn Cemetery (Serena B. Bullard, possibly daughter of Ellen Bentley); lot currently for sale and construction may be forthcoming.

Cold Springs Road and Gold Hill Road, between Placerville and Coloma; burials occurred between the 1850's and early 1900's; fenced family plot intact, but one known marker moved from grave site and placed inside family plot; number of burials unknown but considered numerous; cattle grazing and ground discing have obscured any surface evidence of additional grave sites; only Ground Penetrating Radar might identify graves outside of plot so they may be protected.

South of Clarksville, in area of Screech Owl Creek; residential development approval pending; archaeological and cultural resources report failed to identify cemetery to exist; location unknown but certain.

Kanaka Valley Road; between Rescue and Salmon Falls district; one grave identified; others believed existent, but not documented; area in the project zone for the Salmon Falls Preserve subdivision.

Bedford Avenue, Placerville; cemetery cited in minutes of Placervile City Common Council in the 1850's; was to have been relocated at no expense to the City; no notice published as required by Council; cemetery not relocated; may have already been impacted by residential building, but locals recall it was intact several years ago.

Hastings Dr (old Starbuck Rd) and Tourmaline Way, north of Green Valley Road; this cemetery established in 1882 by Catholic Diocese; consecrated in May 1883; local developers obtained land adjacent, fire district required a second egress/ingress and a road was cut through the middle of the Church's property without permission; three residential building lots occupy the south end of Church's property, El Dorado County General Services approved the staking for a Pacific Telephone switching station building on top of the Edward Angus McDonald family plot and building constructed in the late 1980's; Diocese sued County, developer and Pacific Bell in 1998; settlement with telephone company still pending; County agreed to maintain the cemetery forever; developer paid an unspecified amount of money to keep the three lots; considered PARTIALLY OBLITERATED.

Big Cut Road and Quarry Road; Placerville; town of Ringgold emerged just after Weberville which was just north of Ringgold; two cemeteries became necessary with the large number of burials; each are within the inundation zone for the Texas Hill Reservoir project and are on land transferred by the El Dorado County Water Agency to El Dorado Irrigation District; most graves unmarked.