Saving Graves

Akers Cemetery 

Centerville, Fresno County



Date: January 8, 2001

Cemetery: Akers Cemetery (aka: Scottsburg Cemetery)
Street: Trimmer Springs Road, 1 mile S. of Belmont Avenue
City: about 5 miles N. of Centerville
Township: Twp 14 South, Range 23 East
County: Fresno
State: California
Nation: United States of America
Zip: 93657
Nearby: Trimmer Springs Road in between Belmont Avenue and Highway 180
Land Type: Public
Status: Inactive
Accessible: Yes
Unmarked graves: No
Graves within: 55 known burials
Oldest grave: about 1854
Newest grave: 1903
Records: Yes
Inventory: Yes
Records location: Ashtree Echo, Fresno Genealogical Society quarterly, and Fresno County Cemetery book by same, Pub c1979, libraries or my copy
Owner: Donna Hull keeps records, property owner is Sanger Cemetery District
Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction
Previous contacts: No one returns my calls
Work Status: Planning stages

Update - Feb 10, 2001 

The cemetery is supposedly claimed by the Sanger Cemetery District. The cemetery is believed to date to the Kings River crossing town of Scottsburg, later evolved to become Centerville. Cemetery was surrounded by land of Harvey Akers, though used by the public at large. Cemetery District stepped in, reportedly, around 1955, though due to lack of knowledge of the location of graves, has not continued to use it for interment. CALIFORNIA DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION MAY be planning to route a realignment of Highway 180 through this cemetery.

CalTrans has a dismal history of destroying and relocating cemeteries throughout the state. A "watch" and vigil is currently underway to determine what steps may be appropriate to thwart any attempt by CalTrans to take this cemetery for it's Highway 180 Right of Way.

The following cemeteries have been impacted by CalTrans over a period of years:
Prairie City Cemetery, Folsom, Sacramento Co.:  both in the late 1960's/early 1970's and 1997.
Placer County Hospital, Auburn, Placer Co.:  1985; relocated some graves from old hospital cemetery; relocated 210 bodies to 23 grave sites in local district cemetery in violation of state law; left other graves on hill adjacent to Interstate 80 offramp; city now calls it a park and transients and druggies hide in the bushes.
Liberty Cemetery, South Sacramento County:  1960's'; this cemetery is now encircled with an on ramp to Hwy 99.

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name: Donna Hull

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name: Sue Silver