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August 31, 2004


"Saving Graves is dedicated to providing leadership, education and advocacy in preserving and restoring endangered and forgotten cemeteries worldwide."


Welcome to California  SAVING GRAVES.

    My name is Sue Silver, and I am the new California State Coordinator.  I want to thank Karen Dyer, the first state coordinator for all her efforts in the early stages of establishing this state website.  I will try my best to continue the state site in the spirit and tone Karen set.
      I would like to share with you the message Karen used on the original California Saving Graves website:

       "Our cemeteries have a wealth of information, and for that
reason we need to preserve the history that lays beyond the gates of forgotten and neglected grave yards.  We need to protect the final resting places of loved ones gone before us.
      We urge you to read the information contained here and become involved in saving these precious historical cemeteries.
      If you have never walked through an old or historic cemetery, I urge you to do so.  As in the case of one of our  historic cemeteries your mind will picture a man being bitten by a rattlesnake as he crossed a stream.  Perhaps your mind will cause you to feel emotion as you read about the young mother and baby who both died during childbirth in 1851.
      Read these stones my friend, and you will understand why these pages are here.  We can not let our historic cemeteries fall to the hands of vandals, neglect, uncaring cities and counties and, yes, the greedy organizations and business owners who want to build roads and other structures over the graves of  "your" ancestors.
     If you know of a cemetery in your area that sounds like those listed in the previous paragraph, then I strongly urge you to fill out a report form with Saving Graves so we can address the matter."
                                      Karen Dyer, State Coordinator (2002)

    We hope you will find information on this site that will assist you in helping to protect and preserve California's historic cemeteries and burying grounds.  From time to time we will be posting new information about California's historic cemeteries as information becomes available.  Please visit the site often to keep abreast of these additions.
     If you don't find what you are looking for on this page, please feel free to contact us.  If you have any information about any endangered historic cemetery and aren't certain what to do about it, please let us hear from you. 

     Thank you for your interest in helping to preserve California's historic cemeteries.  They truly are the...


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El Dorado County

Index to Endangered Cemetery Reports

Vandalism Reports and Updates
Academy Cemetery, Fresno County

Cemetery and Funeral Bureau Actions


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 New! Planters House Cemetery
Shingle Springs, El Dorado County

New! Fickert Ranch Cemetery
Kern County

New! El Monte Cemetery
Los Angeles County

 Crows Landing Cemetery
Stanislaus County

El Dorado House Cemetery
El Dorado County
See PHOTOS of obliteration in progress.
See PHOTOS of Oct. 2000 Clean Up

 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
(aka Mt. Oliveito Cemetery)
San Diego County

Midway Cemetery
Alameda County

Chanate (Old County) Cemetery
Sonoma County
Cemetery Project Report with Photo 

Hopeton Cemetery
Merced County

Pacheco Cemetery

Contra Costa County
HELP save this historic cemetery of California!
** View 1950s photo **

Shaws Flat Cemetery
Tuolumne County

St. Rose's Catholic Cemetery
French Gulch, Shasta County

[Updated: August 6, 2003]

View Photos of Endangered or Neglected Cemeteries
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California Cemeteries
New! China Mission-Chung Wah Chinese Cemetery

Attention Newspaper Researchers

     If you happen upon any news articles about a cemetery or cemeteries in California, we would very much appreciate your sharing the information with us.  This will help us compile a "history" on our historic California cemeteries.


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