Albert D. Aldrich is a representative California rancher, with his residence and fine farming estate near Farmington, San Joaquin county. He is a progressive, enterprising and thoroughly up-to-date man of affairs, especially in his chosen line of accomplishment, and for the success he has won through his own hard labor and conscientious industry he quite deserves the respect and esteem which his fellow citizens so heartily accord him.

He has been a resident of the Golden state since April, 1875, for nearly thirty years, and in the same year of his arrival in the state he also located in San Joaquin county. He was a young man of some twenty-seven years then, with little capital save what his ambition and energy were worth, the true value of which has since been proved in his accumulation of eight hundred acres of land in this county. In addition to this fine tract he also rents and cultivates another large acreage, amounting altogether to fifteen hundred acres of the fine soil of San Joaquin valley.

Mr. Aldrich was born in Berkshire county, Massachusetts, August 21, 1847, being a son of Asahel and Sabrina (Evans) Aldrich. Mr. Aldrich has the unique distinction of being one of triplet children, for on the day of his birth his mother also bore two other sons, and all were born within fifteen minutes of each other. It is also worthy of note that these three offspring of a quarter of an hour grew up and are all living at the present writing, vigorous, intelligent and prosperous men, an honor to the beloved mother who brought them into the world. The names of the two brothers of Mr. Aldrich are Ambrose T., in Stockton, and Alfred D., of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Aldrich's father was a native of Massachusestts and his mother of New York state. The Aldrich family is an old and well known one in Massachusetts, having been established by three brothers who came from England in the seventeenth century and established their homes on the New England shores, whence their descendants have spread to numerous states and communities of the Union.

Mr. Aldrich was reared to man's estate in his native town of Clarksburg, Berkshire county, and received his education in the public schools. He was married, January 7, 1867, to Miss Lucy A. Harris, who is also a native of Clarksburg. To this companion of his joys and successes through many years Mr. Aldrich gladly gives much of the credit for what he has accomplished in the world, both as regards material prosperity and also in that deeper and less tangible but more real success which is the happy culmination of life itself with its countless problems and daily cares. There are four children of this union, as follows: Addie A., wife of E. D. Bainbridge, in San Joaquin county; George A., in San Joaquin county; Bertha E., wife of Roy Elliott, of San Joaquin county; and Walter R., who is at home.

Mr. Aldrich has always given his political allegiance to the Republican party, and where practicable has rendered any assistance in his power to the promulgation of the doctrine and the increasing of the power of the Grand Old Party. He is now serving his community as a trustee of the Wheatland school district. Fraternally he is a member of Stockton Lodge No. 23, A. O. U. W. He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, the Lone Tree church, and he is a chairman of the board of trustees, and has never been chary in rendering help and influence to the cause of religion.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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