Arthur Webb, who has been a resident and a prosperous agriculturist of Sacramento county since boyhood, owns and manages a beautiful estate of one hundred and thirty acres situated a short distance north of the town of Franklin. General farming has formed his principal and most profitable pursuit, but he also cultivates a nice vineyard of six acres. He has the faculty of making his enterprises pay as well as any other man with like resources at his command, and through his progressive and able conduct of affairs he has reached a front rank among Sacramento county farmers.

Mr. Webb is a native of the state of Massachusetts, born in the city of New Bedford, June 10, 1848. His father was James Webb, Jr., and his mother Eleanor Hawes, both natives of that well known city of the old Bay state. One year after the birth of the son Arthur, James Webb, Jr., left his home in the east and by a voyage around the Horn arrived in California, thus becoming one of the famous forty-niners who have played so important a part in the history and making of this state. After landing at San Francisco he went to the gold diggings, and was engaged in mining on the Yuba river above Marysville, and for a time he conducted a store at Kennebee Bar. In 853 he returned to Massachusetts and brought out his wife and children to Calfiornia, this time making the trip by the isthmus route. In 1855 he located in Marysville. For a time he pulled a hand press in a printing office in that town. He moved his home and family to Sacramento county in 1858, and purchased and located on two hundred and forty acres north of Franklin, thus becoming one of the early agriculturists of this part of the county. Part of this original homestead is now the place owned by his son Mr. Arthur Webb. The death of James Webb occurred in 1874 and thus there passed away another of the old-time Californians who helped develop the state to conditions of present-day civilization. He was a Republican in politics, and was a member of the Sacramento Society of California Pioneers. Only two of his children survive, George and Arthur, the former also a resident of this state.

Since the age of ten years Mr. Arthur Webb has lived in Sacramento county, where he grew to years of majority and was educated in the public schools, since which time he has been the successful farmer noted above. He was married December 2, 1874, to Miss Mary T. Russell, whose father, Isaac Russell, was a late well known citizen of Sacramento county. Mr. and Mrs. Webb are the parents of five children: Ada, Carrie M., Harriett, Florence E. and Lester A. In politics Mr. Webb is a staunch Republican, and takes an intelligent interest in public affairs. For the past ten or eleven years he has served as a trustee of the Prairie school district, and part of the time was clerk of the board. For two years he was road overseer of what was formerly known as district 13.

Source: History of the New California - Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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