History of the New California
Its Resources and People
Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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Haase Peter Bio
Hack George W. Bio Photo
Hagel John Bio Photo
Hale Joseph S. Bio
Hamilton William Benjamin Bio
Hammer Edward W. Bio
Hammond, Jr. William Bio
Hancock Daniel Isaac Bio
Hansen John Bio
Hansen Peter Bio
Harney John S. Bio
Harrold Aaron M. Bio
Hart W. H. H. Bio Photo
Hartman Louis H. Bio
Hauschildt Augustus Bio
Hauschildt Edward T. Bio
Hauschildt Frederick C. Bio
Hauschildt William H. Bio
Heald Edward P. Bio Photo
Hemphill Edward H. Bio Photo
Herzog John N. Bio
Hickey John H. Bio
Hieb Gottlieb Bio
Hinsey William W. Bio
Hitchcock Hon. John R. W. Bio
Hobson David Bio
Hodapp Sebastian Bio
Hohenshell Allison Bio
Holland Arthur P. Bio
Hollenbeck Mrs. Amelia E. Bio
Hollenstein Joseph A. Bio
Holm Peter Bio
Holmes Joseph Bio Photo
Hoppe Edward Henry Bio
Horn Henry A. Bio
Howard Cornelius A. Bio Photo
Howell Russell Bio
Howland Charles F. Bio
Hume Robert Deniston Bio Photo
Hunt George L. Bio
Hunt Joseph H. Bio Photo
Hunter Mrs. Eliza J. Bio
Inglis Alexander Bio
Inglis William Bio
Irvine William Bio Photo
Jackman Samuel H. Bio Photo
Jackson Joseph E. Bio
Jesse Richard H. Bio Photo
Joerger Louis C. Bio
Johnsen William H. Bio
Johnson John Bio
Johnston Thomas W. Bio
Jones Alfred W. Bio
Jones Hiram M. Bio
Jones Thomas E. Bio Photo
Jordan Frank Chester Bio
Keema John M. Bio
Keller John Bio
Kennedy Samuel W. Bio
Kennedy William Charles Bio
Kerby Clinton Bio Photo
Kerr Joseph H. Bio Photo
Kesner William A. Bio
Keys, M.D. Ernest M. Bio
Kilgore James W. Bio
Klench Mrs. Georgia Bio
Klinger George Bio
Kloss August Bio
Knox Thomas Elliott Bio
Kohlbaker Albert Bio
Koontz Henry Bio
Koster Nicolaus Bio
Krenz John F. Bio
Krog P. C. Bio
Kunsting Frank Bio Photo
Kunze August Bio
Kurtz John F. Bio
Ladd Ira W. Bio
Lake Albert Bio
Lamasney William Bio
Lammers Martin Bio Photo
Larson Lawrence M. Bio
Lauridson Laurids Bio
Lauridson Niels H. Bio
Lawton John Bio
Lease Frank J. Bio
Leavitt Frank W. Bio
Leavitt Maurice Bio
Leary Dennis Bio
Leffler Ernest W. Bio
Leffler Francis J. Bio
Leffler George J. Bio
Leffler Henry G. Bio
Leffler John F. Bio
Lehmann Henry Bio
Lewis Thomas Bio
Leydecker Theodore William Bio
Lind John Bio
Lindemann Claus Bio
Little George Bio
Little William J. Bio
Long Percy Vincent Bio
Lorenzen Hans Christian Bio
Loveland David H. Bio Photo
Luhrsen George J. Bio Photo
Lyon, Jr. William Penn Bio
Magee Stillman L. Bio Photo
Marsh Frederick Delano Bio
Mathews Henry C. Bio
Mathews William B. Bio
McAllister, M.D. William Francis Milligan Bio
McCauley Mrs. Caroline Bio
McConnell Thaddeus C. Bio Photo
McConnell Thomas Bio
McCoy Dan Bio
McCue, M.D. James Edward Bio
McCurdy Arthur H. Bio
McDonald Samuel E. Bio
McDougall, M.D. William D. Bio
McGary William Riley Bio
McKee George N. Bio Photo
McKenzie John T. Bio
McLanahan David Bio
McLaren John Bio Photo
McMillan Finley Bio
McNeilly Adam Bio
Meiss Louis Bio
Menke Anton Bio
Menke George H. Bio
Merrill John B. Bio
Metcalf Reuben Bio
Mette Henry Bio
Meyer Andrew Bio
Meyer Charles Bio
Meyers Frederick Bio
Miles Ralph A. Bio
Miller James H. Bio
Miller Jesse F. Bio
Miller Victor F. Bio
Millington Frank Kilburn Bio
Mills Freeman B. Bio
Mills George W. Bio
Minerd Luther Bio
Minges George E. Bio
Mitchell William Bio
Mix Godfrey F. Bio
Mohr Henry Bio Photo
Mohrmann Mrs. Louisa S. Bio Photo
Moody Edward L. Bio
Moore W. N. Bio
Morehouse Henry Vinson Bio Photo
Moreing Lewis Bio
Morse Elliott E. Bio Photo
Mosher Ira Bio
Mueller Theodore Bio
Muenter Hon. August E. Bio Photo
Muller Detlef Bio
Munson Urban J. Bio
Murphy Patrick H. Bio
Myers Edward H. Bio

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