While "the race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong," the invariable law of destiny accords to tireless energy, industry and ability a successful career. The truth of this assertion is abundantly verified in the life of Benjamin M. Bixler, who, though he has met many difficulties and obstqcles, has overcome these by determined purpose and laudable endeavor, working his way steadily upward to success. He resides on Union Island near the Undine postoffice, where he has extensive agricultural interests. He has made his home in San Joaquin county since April, 1892, and throughout this period has resided upon his present ranch.

Mr. Bixler is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, his birth having occurred on the 28th of March, 1837. he is descended from one of three borthers who emigrated from Switzerland to America about one hundred and eighty-five years ago. They first settled in Pennsylvania, whence a branch of their descendants emigrated to Carroll county, Maryland, making their home on Pipe creek. In the latter part of the eighteenth century David Bixler, the grandfather of Benjamin m. Bixler, removed to Baltimore city where he successfully established himself in the tobacco trade. Daniel Bixler, the father of Benjamin M. Bixler, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the year 1807 and after arriving at years of maturity wedded Miss Harriett Law, who was also born in Baltimore in the same year. For many years Daniel Bixler was a well known tabacco merchant of Baltimore and also engaged in the grocery business, conducting important and extensive commercial interests.

Benjamin M. Bixler was reared in the city of his nativity and is indebted to the public school system for the educational advantages which he enjoyed. On the 22d of November, 1852, he entered the employ of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company as an office boy and continued in that service until 1861, having in the meantime, however, gained various promotions. In the year mentioned he accepted the position of chief clerk with the Merchants' & Miners' Transportation Company with headquarters at Baltimore, Maryland, and acted in that capacity for a time; was also purser on one of their steamships during the four years of the Civil war. In November, 1868, he went west to Toledo, Ohio, where he engaged as a clerk with the Wabash Railroad Company, and after passing through various positions and promotions was finally made general agent for the company at St. Louis, Missouri, which position he filled for about two years. Later he was transferred to Springfield, Illinois, and continued at that office as general agent for a short time. He then entered the employ of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad as assistant general freight agent at Baltimore, Maryland, but after three years resigned that position and again went west in order to become agent for the Bee Line and the Cairo Shortline Railroad companies. His services there covered about two years, when he was assigned to special duty at Indianapolis for the Bee Line Railroad. In the spring of 1885 he removed to Buffalo county, Nebraska, where he turned his attention to agricultural pursuits, there remaining until 1892, when he removed to San Joaquin county, California, where he has since resided. Here he has extensive and important farming interests, and as a business man is recognized as one worthy of the highest confidence and respect, being at all times reliable and energetic.

On the 28th of May, 1863, Mr. Bixler was united in marriage to Miss Marie Louis Alcock, of Baltimore, Maryland, a daughter of William H. D. Alcock, who was born in the same city and was of English extraction. Of the children born to Mr. and Mrs. Bixler four are yet living: Louis A., Frances C., Elinor L. and Mary A., all residents of San Joaquin county.

Though no land is richer in opportunities or offers greter advantages to its citizens than America, success is not to be obtained through desire, but must be persistently sought. In America "labor is king," and the man who resolutely sets to work to accomplish a purpose is certain of success if he has but the qualities of perseverance, untiring energy and practical common sense. Benjamin M. Bixler is one whose career excites the admiration and gains the respect of all, for through his diligence and persistent purpose he has won a leading place in San Joaquin county.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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