Benjamin Snow became identified with the interests of San Joaquin county as early as 1853, and all the subsequent years have found him steadily increasing in material prosperity and in the esteem of his fellow men wherever he is known. A half century of residence in one community should give a man much prestige in affairs and as a Nestor in the councils of the neighborhood, with large influence and wisdom for the direction of local concerns, and such is found to be true of Mr. Snow, who has long since passed the limit of threescore and ten years, rich in experience of the world and content with the blessings of life.

Mr. Snow was born in Devonshire, England, May 26, 1828, being a son of William and Ann (Draper) Snow, his parents also being natives of England. In 1836, when he was eight years old, he accompanied his parents on their emigration to America. Their voyage, made on a sailing vessel, consumed three months and four days from Liverpool to New York, and at this present swift age almost the days alone would be sufficient in which to make the distance by steamer. From New York the family journeyed by way of the Erie canal as far as Buffalo, where the father of the family met his death by drowning. His widow shortly afterward brought her three children out to Lucas county, Michigan, where she was married to John Perryman. The family home was in Lucas county until 1853, when the stepfather, the mother and her two sons and one daughter joined an emigrant train, drove ox teams, and by way of Salt Lake arrived in San Joaquin county, California. Mr. Perryman followed his trade of blacksmith in Stockton for a time, and subsequently he and his wafe moved out to a ranch near Linden where they both passed away.

Mr. Benjamin Snow was with the family through all these migrations, and during boyhood received a fair schooling besides obtaining practical training in industry and everyday work. After arriving in Stockton he was employed for a number of years in freighting between that city and the mines, and since leaving that occupation he has devoted himself exclusively to agriculture near the village of Peters, in San Joaquin county. He owns a fine farm of three hundred and twenty acres, which is all cultivated to the highest degree of productivity, and his residence is one of the finest and most commodious in this part of the state.

Mr. Snow served for three years as trustee of the Everett school district. He is a stanch Republican in politics, and fraternally affiliates with Scio Lodge No. 102, I. O. O. F., at Linden. his wife was Ellen Meyers, who died many years ago, and there are three children of the union, as follows: Benjamin W.; Ellen, wife of William Wilson; and Birdie.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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