More than one third of a century has passed since Carsten Brandeman became a resident of California, his arrival in the state dating from 1870. He was born in Holstein, Germany, November 22, 1835, and is a son of Carsten and Gesche (Witt) Brandeman, who were also natives of Hostein and have now passed away. In the land of his birth Carsten Brandeman spent the days of his boyhood and youth and acquired a fair education in his native tongue. When a young man in the fatherland he learned the trade of a ship carpenter, serving four years' apprenticeship there, and in early manhood he sailed from Hamburg in the German merchant marine service as a ship carpenter and was thus engaged for two years. Later he sailed in the British merchant marine service from London for six years in the same capacity. He has traveled quite extensively and has thus broadened his knowledge, gaining that culture and experience which only travel can bring. Several times he has rounded Cape Horn, and has visited nearly every important country and port on the face of the globe. In 1861 he paid a visit to Honolulu. In 1870 he came to America, taking passage at Hamburg on a steamer bound for New York city. He did not tarry in the east, however, but came at once to California, locating first in San Francisco, where he was engaged in business for twenty-five years. His work there was principally in the line of repairing schooners and other boats which were largely engaged in the coasting trade on the Pacific. In 1901 he retired from this line of business. In 1887 his family had settled on the ranch which they own and occupy, located near Tracy in San Joaquin county. Here is owns three hundred and twenty acres of land which is very arable and productive. He has made his own way in life and in this country where "labor is king" he has gradually worked his way upward to success through the careful husbanding of his resources and his capable management of his business interests.

On the 19th of May, 1866, Mr. Brandeman was united in marriage to Miss Amelia Maas, who was born in Holstein, Germany, and to them have been born five children: Lena is the wife of Captain August Selisky, a sea-faring man of San Francisco, California; Bine is now Mrs. Barron, of San Francisco; Carsten is a sea-faring man now master of a schooner for the Alaska Salmon Packing Company; Henry is living in San Francisco; and Elizabeth is now Mrs. Levy, of that city.

Mr. Brandeman votes with the Republican party and keeps well informed on the issues of the day. Socially he is connected with the Ancient Order of United Workmen in San Francisco. He has a wide acquaintance in that city and has also become well known in San Joaquin county during his residence here. His success in business is well merited and has served as a source of encouragement and inspiration to other. His life has been characterized by unflagging industry and it is upon this goundation that he has builded his present prosperity.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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