Christian Erickson, local foreman of the well known fruit farm known as the Rancho Americano near Mills, Sacramento county, has been identified with the fruit and general agricultural industry in California for nearly twenty-five years, and, as his present responsible position would indicate, is one of the ablest and most thoroughly experienced fruit-growers in the state. The ranch of which he has charge contains about three hundred acres, which is planted, for the greater part, to grapes and prunes. One hundred and forty acres are in grapes, the Tokay variety, and the prune orchard covers one hundred and thirty acres, the rest of the ranch being in various fruits. The Rancho Americano is up-to-date in all particulars, is one of the most valuable and profitable fruit properties in Sacramento county, and its successful management has for a number of years been almost entirely in the hands of Mr. Erickson.

Born April 7, 1862, Mr. Erickson is a native of the province of Schleswig, which at the time of his birth was an integral part of the kingdom of Denmark, but has since been annexed to the great German empire. He was a son of Henrik and Catherine (Christianson) Erickson, who were both of Danish birth and are now deceased.

Reared and receiving a fair education in his native land, Mr. Erickson left his fatherland when he was about seventeen years old, and since coming to America has been relying on his own resources and ability to make his way to success, which he has worthily attained. On his arrival in the new world he went to Minnesota, and later lived for some time in Wisconsin, whence he came to California in 1882 and has been a resident of the American River district down to date. Previous to entering his present employ he was in the services of the late Joseph Routier, for many years a well known fruit grower and vineyardist of the American River district. During his ten years' connect with that gentleman he was foreman of his ranch part of the time. In 1892 he became local foreman of the Rancho Americano, and has given his attention to its direction through the subsequent years. He also has a property of his own of thirty acres, which is devoted to fruit growing and grape culture, this being located near Mills.

Mr. Erickson married, first, Miss Julia Rodman, a native of Iowa, who became the mother of two children, Catherine D. and Alfred R. His present wife was, before her marriage, Miss jennie Cusack, who was born in Ohio and was a daughter of John Cusak, now of Sacramento. Mr. Erickson is, and has been for a number of years, a trustee of the Kinney school district. Fraternally he affiliates with Industrial Lodge, I. O. O. F., at Sacramento, and with Dania Lodge at Sacramento.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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