David H. Loveland is a venerable pioneer citizen of San Joaquin county, where he has been a resident for more than half a century. His life work and success have been closely identified with this section of the state, and lands and other possessions as well as the esteem of his fellow citizens reflect the industry and ability which he has displayed in his career. His homestead is situated about four miles east of Waterloo, where he owns one hundred and sixty acres of land on which is a fine residence. At this place he has a small vineyard of five acres. About three miles southeast of Lockeford Mr. Loveland owns another ranch, containing three hundred and twenty acres, so that he is well fixed as to material circumstances.

Born in Auburn, New York, June 29, 1829, a son of Truman and Eliza (Hayden) Loveland, the former a native of Ohio and the latter of New York, the ancestry being English in the main, he was taken in childhood to Upper Canada, now the province of Ontario, the towns of Coburg and New Hope being their abodes for a time, and while there the father died, David being then thirteen years old. Since that time he has been practically on his own resources, and it has been due to his own inherent qualities of manhood and character that he has won a successful career. His education was only what he could acquire by a short aattendance at the common schools, but reading and observation have largely supplemented earlier deficiencies, and he has always had the reputation of being a well informed man. Subsequent to the father's death the family moved to East Broomfield, New York, and in 1845 they went west and located their home at Carrolltown, Illinois.

It was from Illinois that Mr. Loveland left for California in 1852. On May 20 he started out from St. Joseph, Missouri, and crossing the plains arrived in California on July 31, 1852. After a brief residence in Sacramento and San Francisco, he purchased land in 1853, in San Joaquin county, and since 1857 he has resided permanently on that ranch.

Mr. Loveland was married, November 10, 1865, to Miss Rachel McClenahan, a lady of Scotch lineage. She came to this state with her parents in 1864, locating in San Joaquin county. Her death occurred in 1881, and she was the mother of six children: Mary A., who is the wife of Joseph Corson, of San Joaquin county; Willard R., in San Joaquin county, living with his father; Edna, wife of Frederick Benjamin, in San Joaquin county; Leta L., in San Joaquin county; and David and Hattie B., who are both deceased.

Mr. Loveland has been solicited to hold office, but has never found the demands of his private affairs such that he could do so. In politics he is a stanch Republican. As one of the oldest settlers of his locality, as one of the most successful agriculturists in the county, and as a public-spirited citizen, he has always deserved and retained the confidence and good will of his fellow men.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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