Among the honored pioneer citizens of San Joaquin county is Donald McLeod, who has made his home in California since 1863. He is, therefore, familiar with many of the events which shaped the early history of the state, has witnessed much of its transformation and growth, and in all these years has been loyal to its best interests. He is now residing on Roberts Island near the San Joaquin river, devoting his energies to agricultural pursuits. He was born in Cumberland county, Nova Scotia, on Christmas day of 1841, his parents being Norman and Eunice (Grattu) McLeod. His father was a native of the highlands of Scotland, while the mother's birth occurred in Nova Scotiam, and she too was of Scotch extraction.

In the place of his nativity Donald McLeod was reared, and in his youth he attended the early subscription schools of his locality. He had few of the advantages afforded young men at the present day, but his early privileges were supplemented by the knowledge and training gained from practical experience in a busy life. When a youth of but thirteen years he went to sea on a coasting vessel plying between Nova Scotia and American ports. He followed the sea at intervals for a number of years, until 1862, when he left the water and turned his attention to other callings. In 1863 he came to California by way of the isthmus route and continued his journey to San Joaquin county, where he arrived in the month of March. He has resided here continously since. For a time he lived on Union Island, and was engaged for a number of years in the raising of cattle and sheep. In 1889 he removed to his present farm on Roberts Island, bordering the San Joaquin river. Here he has forty-one acres of land under a high state of cultivation.

For a number of terms Mr. McLeod has served as a trustee of the Fairchild school district and is now serving as a trustee of Reclamation district No. 524. In his political views he is a Democrat who keeps well informed on the questions and issues of the day. He belongs to Morning Star Lodge, F. & A. M., at Stockton, and he has a wide acquaintance throughout this part of the county.

In September, 1876, occurred the marriage of Mr. McLeod and Miss Sarah Burnett, who was born in Stockton, California, and is a daughter of William Burnett, formerly of that city. Mr. and Mrs. McLeod are both well known in San Joaquin county, having long maintained their residence within its borders. What to many others are matters of history and record are to him matters of experience and of personal observation, and he has taken a just pride in what has been accomplished in this section of the state.

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