Daniel W. Carmichael, who is engaged in a general real estate and insurance business in Sacramento, owes his success to his own well directed efforts, his judicious investment and enterprise, and not only in business circles is he well known but as a political leader exerts considerable influence, laboring earnestly for the growth and advancement of the Democracy.

The Carmichael family is of Scotch descent and was founded in America in the early part of the seventheenth century. The father, William M. Carmichael, was born in Georgia and was a farmer by occupation. He came to California in 1875, accompanied by his eldest son, Thomas. They afterward returned to the east, but as his other sons reached maturity he advised them to seek homes on the Pacific coast that they might enjoy the advantages offered by this great and growing section of the country. Accordingly Hilliard and William C. Carmichael made their way westward to California, and Daniel W. arrived on the 10th of January, 1885.

Upon the farm belonging to his brother Thomas in Stanislaus county, Daniel W. Carmichael began working, but about a year later he entered the Stockton Business College, wishing to acquire a practical business training to supply his early educational privileges, received in the public schools of Georgia. When he had completed his course of study in Stockton he came to Sacramento and secured employment in the printing office of Good Brothers. He was afterward employed as a bookkeeper by Kendall & Company until the 1st of January, 1895, when he turned his attention to the real estate and insurance business, in which he has since engaged, with ever increasing success, doing a business which has now reached a large annual figure and extends throughout California. During the excitement concerning the discovery of oil in 1899 he was one of the first to realize the possibilities in this direction, and securing a tract of one hundred and sixty acres in the heart of the oil region in Kern county was among the first to strike oil. The property has since proved a very valuable one. It was purchased for fifteen thousand dollars, so that Mr. Carmichael has realized a splendid return from his investment, which indicated his keen sagacity and business foresight. He now has a large clientage in the line of his business, and has arranged important realty transfers throughout the state.

On the 12th of January, 1892, Mr. Carmichael was united in marriage to Miss Myrtie Robb, a native of Nevada and a daughter of Charles S. and Candace Robb, who came from Illinois to California in the '70s, locating in Sacramento. Her father has been continuously in the service of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, being one of the oldest conductors on the line.

In his fraternal relations Mr. Carmichael is a Mason and also belongs to the Odd Fellows and Elks lodges. In politics he is a Democrat, and in 1895 was elected city treasurer of Sacramento, filling the position for two years. He has attended city and county conventions through the past decade, and was also a delegate to the Democratic national convention held in Kansas City in 1900, when W. J. Bryan was nominated for the presidency. Mr. Carmichael has been the secretary of the last two state conventions, in which Mr. McGuire and Mr. Lane were respectively nominated. He has several times served as chairman of the city central committee and has always taken an active part in local, state and national politics, his opinions carrying weight in the councils of his party in California. His citizenship is characterized by a lofty patriotism and marked devotion to the causes which he believes will promote local and national welfare, and he is honored by reason of his loyalty to his honest convictions as well as by reason of his business successes and capability in the world of commerce.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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