Frank Atchison, whose fields and vineyards are indicative of his careful supervision and progressive methods, is numbered among the leading agriculturists and fruit-raisers of San Joaquin county, his home being near Acampo. He has resided upon his present ranch since December, 1899, and has developed an excellent property there. He was born in Bruce county, Ontario, on the 7th of June, 1857, and is a son of George and Margaret (Jones) Atchison, the former a native of Scotland the the latter of Ontario. The father is deceased, but the mother, who was born August 8, 1825, now resides in Manitoba.

Frank Atchison spent the days of his early boyhood and youth in the place of his nativity and is indebted to the public-school system of that locality for the educational privileges which he enjoyed. Practical experience, reding and observation have also added largely to his knowledge since he attained to man's estate. he owes his success in large measure to his own efforts, for when he entered upon his business career he had no influential friends or financial assistance to aid him in making a good start. He has been a resident of California since 1879, and for eleven years after his arrival in this state he was in the employ of David Young about three and a half miles west of Farmington. He served as a farm laborer there and subsequently he spent a few months in Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho. Later he returned to California, making his way to San Joaquin county, where he accepted the position of foreman in the employ of Henry Barnhart, late of Stockton, California, who was one of the most extensive landowners of his time in San Joaquin county. He continued to fill the responsible position of foreman on Mr. Barnhart's ranch for several years, having charge of all the work and of the business connected with the various ranches owned by Mr. Barnhard in San Joaquin county. Mr. Barnhart died December 1, 1896, and Mr. Atchison then continued as foreman of the estate until December, 1899, when he resigned the position which he had so long and ably filled and entered upon agricultural pursuits in his own behalf, removing to the ranch which he now owns and occupies near Acampo. Here he has remained continuously since December, 1899, and he has here two hundred and forty acres of rich and valuable land under a high state of cultivation. The place is devoted to the growing of grain, and he also has a vineyard of twenty-two acres planted to wine and table grapes. These are of excellent variety and find a ready sale on the market.

On the 9th of December, 1899, occurred the marriage of Mr. Atchison and Miss Mamie Evans, a daughter of Thomas Evans, of Acampo. She was born in oceana county, Michigan, and came to California with her parents in 1891, the family home being established in Tulare county. After a short time, however, they removed to San Joaquin county, where Mrs. Atchison has since lived. Both our subject and his wife have a wide acquaintance in the locality in which they make their home, and enjoy the warm regard and friendship of many with whom they have been brought in contact. Mr. Atchison is now well known as a successful agriculturist of San Joaquin county, and he has never had occasion to regret his determination to seek a home in the United States with its livelier competition and advancement more quickly secured. Possessing energy and strong determination, he has steadily advanced in his business career, and what he possess has come to him as the just reward of his labor and enterprising management.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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