During the years which mark the period of Dr. Spranger's professional career he has met with gratifying success, and throughout the time of his residence in San Jose he has won the good will and patronage of many of the leading citizens and families of the place. He is a great student and endeavors to keep abreast of the times in everything relating to discoveries in medical science, taking and also contributing to the leading journals devoted to the discussions of the "ills of the flesh is heir to" and to the treatment thereof. The Doctor was born at Bavaria, Germany, March 13, 1840, being a son of Lawrence and Mary (Schuster) Spranger, both also natives of that country. They came to this country in 1849, locating in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and the father was a merchant.

Francis X. Spranger was nine years of age when he accompanied his parents on their removal to the United States, and the education which he had begun in the public schools of Germany was supplemented by a course at St. Joseph's College of Carrollton, Pennsylvania, which he attended until his eighteenth year. In the following year he became a student of medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. H. H. Hoffman, a prominent physician, and later entered the Western Homeopathic College of Cleveland, graduating therein in 1864 with the degree of M. D. Going thence to Detroit, Michigan, he was there engaged in the practice of his profession until 1890. During his residence there he was for five years connected with the Detroit Homeopathic Medical College, for four years as a professor and one year as president. While in that city he enjoyed as large a practice as was accorded to any one physician there.

In 1890 Dr. Spranger came to California, having previously purchased a ranch at Skyland, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, to which he son-in-law had preceded him. After eight years spent as a fruit-grower there the Doctor sold his ranch and located in San Jose, where he resumed the practice of medicine. He is again in the enjoyment of a large and lucrative general practice, although he makes a specialty of the diseases of the heart and kidneys. In addition he has also been a contributor to the leading medical journals, and is a member of the California State Homeopathic Society. Although a graduate of homeopathy, he is liberal and not exclusive in his practice.

In 1858 Dr. Spranger was united in marriage to Mary Sattig, a native of Ohio, and seven children were born to them; the four living are: Ida, the wife of Dr. Lang, of Detroit, Michigan; Mamie, the wife of John Detrich, also of that city; Minnie, widow of Fred Bush and who makes her home with her sister in Detroit; and Francis X., Jr., a graduate of the Pulte Homeopathic Medical College of Cincinnati, and who completed his medical education in Berlin. Mrs. Spranger died in 1888, and two years later the Doctor was united in marriage to Mrs. Mary A. Balwick-Adams, a native of Ohio and a daughter of a prominent early settler and farmer of that state. Since 1887 Dr. Spranger has been identified with the Ancient Order of United Workmen, being a charter member of Peninsula Lodge of Detroit, Michigan, and is also a charter member of Lincoln Lodge, Knights of Honor of that city.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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