George E. Graft, a leading representative of the business interests of San Jose, was born in Olin, Iowa, in January, 1871, being a son of George W. and Mary (Seely) Graft. The son George spent the days of his boyhood and youth on a farm, being early inured to its duties, and his elementary education was received in the high school at Olin, which was later supplemented by a course in the Iowa Commercial College at Davenport, Iowa, in which institution he was graduated in August, 1888. He then entered the employ of the Diamond Creamery Company of Wyoming, Iowa, his older brother, John R., being the superintendent of the company. On entering this institution young George began at the very bottom, determined to learn the business in all its branches, and his first work was as an apprentice. After six months of this labor, however, he was appointed to attend to the distribution of supplies to the various country creameries, and after one year thus spent was advanced to the position of inspector of dairy utensils of the various milk patrons of the company's creameries. In 1890 he again mounted the ladder of promotion and was made milk inspector of all the creameries in the Wyoming division, while a few months later he was made assistant to the superintendent, which position he held until the spring of 1891.

At that date Mr. Graft withdrew from the Diamond Creamery Company and removed to Delmar, Iowa, where he entered upon the same line of trade for himself, thus continuing until 1894, and during that period enjoyed a succesful business. In that year, however, he sold his interests in Delmar and came to San Jose, California, entering into the wholesale and retail butter, egg and cheese business and operating his own creamery. The output of his factory is consumed by the best trade in San Jose, and as a testimonial of the high grade of his products it may be stated that his annual sales have reached over one hundred thousand dollars, with brighter prospects for the future. In business circles he sustains a most enviable reputation, his energetic nature and capable management alone winning for him his high standing in the community.

The marriage of Mr. Graft was celebrated on the 7th of April, 1903, when Myma E. Royce became his wife, she being the daughter of John Royce, a retired rancher living in San Jose. Both Mr. and Mrs. Grft are held in high esteem, and the kindly social qualities with which they are endowed win for them the friendship and good will of all.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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