There are few men who can more justly claim the proud American title of self-made man than Godfrey F. Mix, who at an early age started out in life for himself, a stranger in a strange land, and no special advantages fitted him for the cares and responsibilities of life. He was industrious and resolute, however, and these qualities enabled him to overcome the difficulties and obstacles in his path and work his way steadily upward to the plane of affluence. He to-day ranks among the leading farmers of Sacramento county, and his creditable life work has won him the redpect and commendation of all who are familiar with his history.

Mr. Mix was born in Prussia, Germany, August 16, 1859, a son of Herman and Mary Mix, also natives of that province. At the early age of fifteen Godfrey bade adieu to this childhood home and emigrated to America, making his way direct to Johnson county, Iowa, where he was employed at farm labor for several years. From that state he made his way to California in 1880, and for a number of years thereafter was engaged in lumbering in the neighborhood of Truckee. Abandoning that industry he removed to Placer county and later to San Bernardino county, California. The year 1889 witnessed the arrival of Mr. Mix in Sacramento county, and in the same year he began farming for himself near Mills Station, where he remained until he was able to purchase the farm he now owns, this being in the fall of 1902. His homestead is located near Elk Grove, and consists of three hundred and twenty acres of rich and productive land, of which twenty acres is planted to Mission grapes and the remainder is devoted to general agricultural purposes. Energy is one of his most marked chracteristics, and he prosecutes his labors with a zeal that has brought to him rich return.

On the 10th of April, 1895, Mr. Mix married Miss Alfaretta Dunlap, a native of Ohio and a daughter of Absalom and Eliza J. J. Dunlap, prominent residents of Sacramento countu. In their family are five children, Virginia, Godfrey F., Jr., Herman, Margaret and Bertha. Since his location in Sacramento county Mr. Mix has made many warm personal friends, has established a reputation as an excellent agriculturist, and has become a valued citizen.

Source: History of the New California - Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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