George N. Nesche, engaged in the cultivation of cereals and grapes near Florin, is a native son of Sacramento county, his birth having here occurred January 7, 1872. He is a son of George and Julia (Hoffman) Nesche, the former a native of Germany and the latter of Missouri. Following his emigration to American and some years' residence in Missouri, George Nesche, Sr., came to California in 1852, traveling across the country with an emigrant train. He had a wagon to which was hitched an ox team and he was six months in reaching his destination. He first came to Eldorado county, where he was engaged in mining gold for a time and later in the '50s he made his way to Sacramento county. For a number of years he resided near Sheldon and in 1873 he settled where his son George now resides, there making his home until his removal to Sacramento in 1898. He was practically a resident of the capital city from that time until his death, which occurred August 1, 1904. His widow still survives him and now resides at No. 2409 L street, in Sacramento. They were the parents of five children, three of whom are yet living: Carrie, the wife of Charles J. Schreimer, of Sacramento county; George H.; and Annie M., who is residing in the city of Sacramento.

George Nesche, Sr., was a Republican in his political views but never sought office as a reward for party fealty. He was never remiss, however, in the performance of any duty of citizenship, but preferred to promote public progress as a private citizen and his influence and labors were all directed for the permanent good and improvement of this part of the state. His widow came to California in 1870, from Missouri, so that for thirty-five years she has made her home within the borders of the state. She is a member of the Lutheran church at Sacramento.

George H. Nesche, whose name introduces this record, was reared in his native county and attended the public schools in the Jackson school district. The work of the home ranch early became familiar to him and the experience which he thus gained proved of value to him when he assumed the management of the property. His entire business attention is now directed to the development and cultivation of his land and the production of good crops in field and vineyard. He makes a specialty of the raising of grapes, for which the soil and climate are splendidly adapted, and his annual yield brings to him a good financial return.

Mr. Nesche was married November 4, 1896, to Miss Annie Feldhusen, a daughter of Claus Feldhusen, of Sacramento, and they have become the parents of three children: Julia A., G. Elwood and H. Everett. Mr. Nesche votes with the Republican party and his fraternal relations connect him with the Red Men. With laudable ambition to achieve sucess, he has by close application and indefatigable energy already won a comfortable competence.

Source: History of the New California - Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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