George Thomas is a substantial citizen and prosperous farmer of San Joaquin county, residing near Linden. He is especially well thought of in his community because he has acquired by his own diligent and thrifty efforts the material comforts with which he is now surrounded, and worked his way from almost a penniless start to a position where he is now a property owner, enjoys influence among his fellow citizens, and can point with pride to his past career.

Mr. Thomas was born on the other side of the Atlantic, in the kingdom of Bavaria (since then having become one of the states of the great German empire), on June 8, 1852, so that he is now in the prime of his life and years. He was a son of Henry and Margaret (Liesy) Thomas, who were also natives of Bavaria. George passed his youth in his native place, and what education he received in his own tongue has since been supplemented by a rich and varied experience in practical life, and after coming to America he mastered the English language. In 1872, when he was just twenty years old, he made the ever memorable emigration to this country. He took passage on a steamer at Antwerp, and after a voyage of twenty-five days reached New Orleans. For several months following he was employed on a sugar plantation near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but before the year 1872 was ended he arrived in California and San Joaquin county. He has centered his active life in this county ever since, so that he has been enrolled among the efficient citizenship from the days of early manhood until the present. For a number of years he hired out as a ranch hand, working principally in the Linden neighborhood. In 1886 he began farming for himself, and has continued his independent operations with much success ever since. He is the owner of forty acres near Linden, but he farms in addition a one hundred and sixty acre tract, so that he has all he can reasonably attend to. Mr. Thomas is a Democrat in politics, but maintains an independent attitude in such matters and does not give unquestioning allegiance to a party banner, often voting for the man or principle that meets his best approval. He is identified with the German Reformed church, in which faith he was reared. Mr. Thomas has never married, but although without the anchorage of a home of his own he has always been accounted one of the most reliable and public-spirited of the citizens of San Joaquin county.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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