Henry Armbrust, of San Joaquin county, is well known and prominent as a fruit grower and shipper and also a manufacturer of wines. Situated on West Lane near Stockton he owns a beautiful fruit ranch of seventy-two acres, all of which is devoted t the growing of fruit, especially grapes. By persistent and long continued efforts he has made a worthy success of his enterprises, and is recognized s one of the substantial men of his locality.

Mr. Armburst was born in Bavaria, Germany, September 20, 1838, and there spent the first twenty-one years of his life, since which time he has been identified with American life and industry, and is a stanch and typical American in all but nationality and rearing. His parents, Jacob and Charlotte (Gass) Armbrust, were also native Bavarians. His education was received in the German language, and he was trained from an early age in the practical duties of life. On Christmas day of 1859 he embarked on a sailing vessel at the port of Havre, France, and after a voyage of thirty-five days landed in New Orleans, whence he went to Iowa. Being without means, except his stock of honest industry, he did farm work in the vicinity of Muscantine, and lived there until 1863, when he came out to California, around by the isthmus. He has been a resident of San Joaquin county ever since that year, and for the first few years he continued working at farm labor in the employe of others. Since 1868 he has been farming on his own account, and on the place which he still owns. Since 1878 he has been engaged in the manufacture of various kinds of wine, but his main enterprise is the growing and shipping of fruit.

Politically Mr. Armbrust is entirely independent, casting his vote for the men and measures he thinks most beneficial to the general welfare whether local or national. He is very public-spirited, zealous for the advance of education and morality in his community, and his opinion and example are relied upon as worthy of consideration. Mr. Armbrust married for his first wife Miss Susanna Bohren, a native of Switzerland, and from this union there are two living children, Henry J. and Emma S., the wife of Charles Fritsch. The present Mrs. Armbrust was Christena Christensen, a native of Denmark, and she is the mother of four children who are still living, namely: George E., Albert C., Rosa and Henrietta.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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