In the death of Henry Strobel Sacramento county lost one of its most valued citizens. Many years of his life were spent within its borders, during which time he was numbered among the leading agriculturists of the community. No state in the Union can boast of a more heroic band of pioneers than California, but every year sees new graves filled by those who helped to build an empire, and soon, too soon, will the last of these sturdy pioneers be laid away, but their memory will ever remain green with those who lived among them and appreciated their efforts.

Mr. Strobel was a native of Bavaria, Germany, where he was born in February, 1842, and in the land which gave him birth he was reared until his twentieth year. In that year he left the home of his childhood and started for America, coming direct to California, and for a short time thereafter resided in Amador county. Leaving there he came to Sacramento county and in due time engaged in agricultural pursuits near Bruceville, on the ranch now owned by Louis J. Nicholaus, where in addition to his general farming he was also interested in the livestock industry, raising principally cattle for many years. His life's labors were attended with a well merited degree of success, and he came to be known as one of the leading agriculturists of his locality.

On the 7th of October, 1879, Mr. Strobel was married to Miss Barbara Rink, a native of Rheinpfalz, Germany, and they became the parents of three children, Emma L., Laura J. and Minnie K. Mr. Strobel was a worthy and active member of the German Lutheran church, with which his widow also affiliates, and was a warm friend of religion, education and all things tending to uplift his fellow men. He passed away on the farm which had so long been his home January 17, 1888, and although many years have been added to the past since he passed to his reward he is remembered in many a home, and his good works in various directions still speak his praises.

Source: History of the New California - Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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