Jacob Ohm, who has been successful in the conduct of his farm in San Joaquin county and has made his home upon his ranch at Vernalis, California, since 1892, while his residence in the county dates from 1873, like many others of the leading citizens of the community, claims Holstein, Germany, as the place of his birth. His natal day was April 1, 1856, and his parents were Thomas and Magdalena (thomsen) Ohm, who were also natives of Holstein. the mother of our subject died in that country in 1868 and the father afterward crossed the Atlantic to America in 1874, making his home at Vernalis for several years. His death, however, occurred at Galt, California, in 1902.

In the place of his nativity Jacob Ohm spent the days of his early boyhood and youth, and to the public school system there he is indebted for the educational privileges which he enoyed. He was a youth of seventeen when he bade adieu to friends and native country and sailed from Hamburg on a steamer bound for New York city. He made his way, however, at once from the east to the Pacific coast and proceeded thence into the interior of the state to San Joaquin county. For several years he was in the employ of the late Thomas Ohm, his brother, who was living near Vernalis. In 1892 began farming on his own account at Vernalis and has since occupied the ranch which is now the place of his residence. He has been very successful from a business standpoint and has justly won the proud American title of a self-made man, for without the assistance of influential friends or of inheritance to aid him at the outset of his career he has worked his way gradually upward and has found in the business opportunities of the new world a path to prosperity. As his financial resources have increased he has added to his property until he now owns nearly eight hundred acres of land, all of which is under a high state of cultivation.

In 1892 Mr. Ohm was united in marriage to Miss Wilhelmina Dethlefs, who was born in Holstein, Germany, and they now have five children: Lena, Elsie, Anita, Lorine and Hazel. The parents hold membership in the Lutheran church and Mr. Ohm gives his political support to the Republican party, while fraternally he is connected with Sumner Lodge No. 177, I. O. O. F., at Tracy. He was a young man when he determined to come to America, but time has proved the wisdom of this step and he has demonstrated his business qualifications through the successful control of his agricultural interests, which have made him one of the substantial farmers of his county.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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