Jacob Backer is one of the representative successful farmers of Sacramento county, residing on and conducting a ranch near the town of Bruceville, where he located in the fall of 1902. At this place he owns one hundred and sixty acres of land, which is devoted to general farming purposes and dairying, and the first-class methods of management which characterize his work have brought him a well deserved prosperity. Mr. Backer has been a resident and an active worker in Sacramento county for twenty-five years, having come to the county and state in 1880.

He was born near the river Rhine in Germany, May 20, 1864, a son of Henry and Elizabeth (Strobel) Backer, also native Germans. Reared and educated in Germany, where he spent the first sixteen years of his life, in 1880, accompanied by a friend, Henry Backer, he came to America and directly to California. By a rather noteworthy coincidence he arrived in Sacramento on May 20, 1880, the day on which he became sixteen years old, and from that birthday to the present time he has centered his activities in Sacramento county. For several years he worked on various ranches, and then went into the business for himself on leased land, carrying on general farming and dairying. For fourteen years he was on the ranch now owned by Louis J. Nicolaus near Bruceville, and this large estate of eighteen hundred acres he managed on shares, after which, until the fall of 1902, he farmed the Strobel ranch.

August 24, 1890, Mr. Backer married Miss Margaret Backer, who was also born near the Rhine river, her birth occurring December 10, 1869. She was a daughter of Henry and Barbara (Handwerker) Backer, and in 1886 her parents came to America and California, her father dying in Sacramento county, March 3, 1895, and her mother residing in the county at this writing. Mrs. Backer came to California in 1883, and since that time has been a resident of Sacramento county. It is due largely to her active assistance and co-operation with her husband that they have been able to attain the prosperous material circumstances which are now theirs, and their union has been happy and mutually advantageous. They are the parents of four children, Adam J., Jacob F., frank H. and Edward C. Mr. Baker's political support is given the Democratic party, and fraternally he is affiliated with the Woodmen at Franklin.

Source: History of the New California - Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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