The world instinctively pays deference to the man whose success has been worthily achieved and whose prominence is not less the result of an irrproachable life than of natural talents and acquired ability in the field of his chosen labor. Dr. Powell occupies a position of distinction as a representative of the dental profession in Sacramento, and the best evidence of his capability in the line of his chosen work is the large patronage which is accorded him. It is a well known fact that a great percentage of those who enter business life meet with failure or only a limited measure of success. This is usually due to one or more of several causes--superficial preparation, lack of close application or an unwise choice in selecting a vocation for which one is not fitted. The reverse of all these has entered into the success and prominence which Dr. Powell has gained. His equipment for the profession was unusually good and he has continually extended the scope of his labors through the added efficiency that comes through keeping in touch with the marked advancement that has been made by the members of the dental fraternity in the last quarter of a century.

One of California's native sons, Dr. Powell was born in Healdsburg, on the 22d of October, 1862. His father, Ransom Powell, was born in Tennessee, and was a representative of an old American family. He came to California in 1849, making his way across the plains in a prairie schooner and enduring the hardships and trials incident to the long trip at that day. He first established his home in Sacramento, but afterward removed to Sonoma county, where he still resides. In early manhood he wedded Miss Mary Capp, who was born in this state and who died in 1870. In the family were three children, the brother of Dr. Powell being George Powell, who is engaged in raising cattle in the Indian Territory. The sister Nettie is now the wife of Thomas Roscoe, of Sacramento.

Dr. Powell pursued his early education in the public schools of Healdsburg and his literary course in the Santa Clara College. His professional training was received in the Philadelphia Dental College, in which he was graduated in 1890, the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery being then conferred upon him. Returning to California he began practice in San Francisco in connection with Dr. F. Gibson, with whom he remained for a year and a half. On the expiration of that period the relationship was dissolved and Dr. Powell remained alone in practice in San Francisco for two years. He next moved to Calistoga, Napa county, where he followed his profession until going to Colusa county, where he remained for five years. He next went into business in Sacramento in February, 1899, and in this city has built up a business which in extent and importance is hardly equaled by any representative of the calling in the capital city. He is now located on Fifth and K streets, and because of his excellent workmanship and reliable business methods he has developed a very extensive business. Dentistry is unique among the professions in that it demands superior qualifications along three lines, scientific knowledge, mechanical skill and a power to successfully control the financial side of the business. In all of these Dr. Powell is well qualified, and his efficiency has gained him pre-eminence among the representatives of the dental fraternity in Sacramento. At present he has eight persons in his employ and will increase that number owing to the continued growth in his patronage.

In the matter of citizenship Dr. Powell is progressive and public-spirited. As an advocate of Republican principles he takes an active interest in the work of the party and has frequently been a delegate to county and state conventions. His ambition has not been along the line of political preferment as the demands of his profession have been too great to allow him to seek office, and since coming to Sacramento he has had little opportunity to take an active part in political work. He is, however, a forceful and convincing speaker, logical in argument, presenting his case with clearness and effect.

On the 31st of April, 1891, in San Francisco, was celebrated the marriage of Dr. Powell and Miss Mamie Condron, a native of Boston and a daughter of James Condron, now deceased, who was a descendant of a prominent and wealthy family of that city. Dr. and Mrs. Powell have one son, Loring, who is now in school. In fraternal and social circles he occupies a very enviable position. His professional career excites the admiration and has won the respect of his contemporaries, and in a calling in which one has to gain reputation by merit he has advanced steadily until he is acknowledged as the superior of most of the members of the calling in this part of the state, having long since left the ranks of the many to stand among the successful few.

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