John F. Leffler, whose death occurred June 19, 1902, was known by a lifetime residence in and a prominent participation in the affairs of San Joaquin county. The development and prosperity of that part of the state have been advanced in many instances by men o the Leffler name, and this one was by no means least representative of his family or of that fine class of native-born citizens who have been foremost in the varied activities by which state and county have so wonderfully progressed during the past half century.

Mr. Leffler was born in San Joaquin county, October 21, 1853, being a son of the late George Jacob Leffler, who was well known as a pioneer of the county, further mention of whose worthy career will be found on other pages of this work. San Joaquin county was the center of Mr. Leffler's experiences and endeavors throughout his life of nearly fifty years. He was reared to manhood there, and in the district school of his neighborhood he received the elementary education which served him during a subsequent life of practical effort and contact with affairs of the world. He was recognized as a man who had made his own way in life and be self-achievement had gained success. Agriculture formed his staple pursuit from youth up, and during his later years he had also been successful with viticulture. He gave his political support to the Republican party.

On October 26, 1887, he married Miss Emma Chant, who survives him and resides on the home ranch near Stockton, where she owns eighty-eight acres of land, and has a profitable vineyard of fifteen acres. Mrs. Leffler was born in Alameda county, this state, being a daughter of George W. and Maria (Morrison) Chant, both deceased. When she was about three years old her parents took her to San Joaquin county, where she grew up and married, and where she has since made her home. Her parents both died at Stockton, her father on May 28, 1900, and her mother July 20, 1902. Mrs. Leffler has two surviving sisters: Lizzie A., wife of August C. Zigler, of San Joaquin county; and Lucy, wife of Thomas L. Crawford, in Stockton. George W. Chant was for many years engaged in farming in San Joaquin county, and the latter years of his life were spent in Stockton. In politics he was a Republican, and a man of worth and esteem in all the relations of his life. By her marriage with Mr. leffler Mrs. Leffler has one daughter, Pearl M., who was born March 16, 1889. They are both esteemed members of their community, and Mrs. Leffler has been very successful in the management of the estate left her by her late husband.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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