John H. B. Pope is a prosperous farmer and stockman who resides several miles out of the city of Stockton on the Hogan road, receiving his daily mail by rural delivery route No. 4. He is also a member of the school board of the Weber school district, and as he has been eminently successful as regards material affairs likewise is he prominent and of broad public spirit concerning the lrger community affairs and the questions and interests of the world about him. He is classed as one of the representative men of San Joaquin county, and has been tested and proved a man of capability and worth in various relations of a busy life. He owns a fine estate of two hundred and fourteen acres, maintained under the best of cultivation. He settled on this ranch in the fall of 1899, but has been almost a continuous resident of San Joaquin county for over forty years.

Mr. Pope was born in Washington county, Arkansas, April 27, 1852, being a son of John H. and Jane Pope, who were both born in North Carolina. When the son John had arrived at the age of about nine years what was perhaps the most memorable event in his early career occurred. In the year 1861the entire family, parents and children, became a party to a migration train and crossed the western plains by the northern route to California. On their arrival in this state they settled in San Joaquin county, at Woodbridge, where the father continued his activity until his death in 1869. His wife had passed away some time previously.

John H. B. Pope was thus reared both in Arkansas and in California and was still a boy when deprived of the care of both parents. He received a public school education, and early began to perform practical duties and earn his own way. He has never ceased to progress each year by some definite amount of accomplishment, and from small beginnings in the way of money capital he has arrived at his present position as one of the prosperous and most influential farmers of San Joaquin county. He is a Republican in politics, and is much interested in community affairs, especially in education, for which cause he has been able to accomplish much as trustee of his home district.

April 26, 1878, Mr. Pope married Miss Julia M. Thompson, at that time a resident of San Joaquin county, but she was born in the state of Arkansas. They are the parents of three children: Thela C., is the wife of M. Walsh, of Stockton; and Elmer F. and Elsie L. are both at home.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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