Joseph Holmes is known throughout Sacramento county not only for his successful participation in practical agriculture, but also as the secretary and an influential member of the Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Association of Sacramento county, in which he likewise serves as a director. He is an old resident of this county, having considered this the center of his activity since coming to California in 1877. His present farm, on which he settled in the fall of 1893, is situated a short distance south of Sacramento, and is one of the profitably managed and well kept estates of the vicinity. His two hundred acres in this estate and also one hundred and sixty acres east of Florin will compare in fertility and productiveness and acre value with any similar piece of land in the county, and mr. Holmes is a conspicuous example of the enterprising and prosperous California farmer. He devotes his land mainly to hay and grain crops, and also has a nice vineyard on the place. His connection with the Farmers' Mutual dates from its organization in 1902, at which time he was one of the active spirits in the enterprise and one of the incorporators.

Mr. Holmes is a native Englishman, although he has lived in this country so long that he is thoroughly American in spirit and ideas. He was born in Yorkshire, England, July 28, 1859, being a son of Henry and Mary (Wood) Holmes, both natives of the same country. Henry Holmes crossed the ocean to America about 1870, and some time later the mother and the children, including Joseph, followed. For several years they resided in Orange county, New York state, where Joseph grew to manhood and received the rest of his education. After coming out to California he also for a time attended Atkingson's Business College in Sacramento. He is a man of intelligence, alert and observing, and by his persevering endeavors and application to his affairs has made a worthy success in the world.

Since his arrival in California over twenty-five years ago Mr. Holmes has become identified closely with the affairs of his community and county. He is now serving as clerk of the board of trustees of the Pacific school district. Besides an active membership in the Pacific Methodist Episcopal church, of which he is also a trustee, he is superintendent of the Sunday school.

In 1881 Mr. Holmes married Miss Carrie R. Rich. Her father, the late George T. Rich, was one of the pioneers of Sacramento county and until his death one of its most honored citizens. Mr. and Mrs. Holmes have five children; Mabel G., George H., Lester J., Cora L. and Clarence E.

Mr. Holmes is a Republican and has cast his vote in support of that party since he came of age. He is a member and a past master of Sacramento Grange No. 12, P. of H, and is also a past master of Pomona Grange of Sacramento county.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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