James H. Pope, who resides two and three-quarters miles west of Woodbridge, where he has an excellent estate of one hundred and sixty acres, has spent practically all his life in San Joaquin county, and is one of the prosperous and well known citizens of that section of the state. He was born in the state of Arkansas, December 23, 1859, being a son of Thomas J. and Mourning (West) Pope, the latter a native of Missouri.

Thomas J. Pope, a late well known farmer and extensive land owner in San Joaquin county, where he was also esteemed as one of the pioneer residents, died at his home ranch about five miles from Stockton, on May 26, 1896. Born in Bledsoe county, Tennessee, November 3, 1831, he was married in 1849 to Miss Mourning West, and in 1861 he emigrated across the plains with his family to California, in the following year locating a settler's right of one hundred and sixty acres in San Joaquin county. Within a few years from the date of his arrival in the county he becme an extensive dealer and speculator in land, not confirming his operations to any particular locality, but buying and selling real estate in various counties from Shasta to Los Angeles, and at the time of his death he was considered one of the largest land owners and farmers in this part of the state. In the flood of 1862, so disastrous in San Joaquin county, he had been one of the victims, losing nearly all his personal and movable property. He was a Republican in politics, and his religious view were liberal. Although often solicited to accept them, he always refused public offices of trust. He was liberal and broad-minded in all things, and his community enjoyed the strength and influence of a good man as long as he lived. He was for some time a member of the Grange and the Paatrons of Husbandry. He was married three times, and of his large family the following survive: Mrs. Hummel, of Stockton; Mrs. Maggie Strother, Mrs. Eliza Ridley, Mrs. Lizzie Cook, James H., Grant, Bert and Robert, of San Joaquin county; Mrs. Kittie Linsley, of San Francisco, and Mrs. Lena Smith, of Oakland.

Mr. James H. Pope came across the plains with his father and the rest of the family in 1861, and was reared to manhood in San Joaquin county, receiving his education in the public schools and for a time attending the San Joaquin Valley College, an institution no longer in existence. In young manhood he learned the trade of butcher, which he followed a number of years. In 1895 he engaged in the business of farming and stock-raising on the ranch where he now lives.

December 3, 1879, he married Miss Sarah F. Dougherty, who was born in San Joaquin county, and who is now deceased. She was the mother of six children, and three are living, Clara M., wife of Burton Acker, at Lodi; Ralph L. and Harold, at home. On February 25, 1896, Mr. Pope married for his present wife Mrs. Barbara Rond, formerly of Oakland. They have one son, Willie P. By her former marriage, with Nicholas Rond, Mrs. Pope has one daughter, Myrtle M. Mrs. Pope is a member of the White Apron Club of her locality, and is affiliated with the lodges of the Rathbone Sisters and the Rebekahs at Woodbridge. Mr. Pope affiliates with Duroc Lodge, Knights of Pythias, and with Jefferson Lodge, I. O. O. F., both at Woodbridge. A stanch Republican in politics, he has for a number of years been a regular delegate to the county conventions and has otherwise taken an active part in local politics, minifesting his public spirit and civic zeal for the general welfare on every possible occasion. It was the privilege of himself and wife to be among the citizens of San Joaquin county who attended the great fair at St. Louis in 1904.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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