The extensive business interests of Sacramento county place Joseph L. da Roza among the leaders in industrial circles, and he has achieved that success which comes as the logical result of enterprise, systematic effort, resolute purpose and straightforward methods. There are no other qualities absolutely essential to development, and upon the ladder of his own building he has climbed to prominence and prosperity. He is now the proprietor of the Elk Grove Winery in this city, and is also the owner of much valuable property in Sacramento county.

Mr. da Roza is a native son of Portugal, where he was born on the 2d of April, 1856. In his native land he was reared until his eighteenth year, and then, bidding farewell to the home and friends of his youth, started for America. Landing in New Bedford, Massachusetts, he made his way, via Boston, to California, arriving in the Golden state in 1874, and for a number of years thereafter made his home in Sacramento city. In 1888, however, he became a citizen of Elk Grove, and in the same year entered into the manufacture of wine in company with John P. Neves, doing business under the name of da Roza & Neves, the firm thus continuing until 1896, when Mr. da Roza became sole proprietor of the manufactory. The Elk Grove Winery plant now comprises two warehouses, one frementing warehouse, two sherry ovens, one distilling house nd one boiler house, and in this extensive plant are manufactured various kinds of wines and brandies. During the busy season of the year employment is furnished fifteen to twenty men, and the product of the manufactory is sent to many of the large cities of the United States, but principally to San Francisco and New York.

In his political connections Mr. da Roza is an ardent Republican and takes a deep interest in local political affairs. The cause of education also finds in him a warm friend, and he is ever on the side of those who are battling for the right and for principles and policies for the public good. He indeed deserves mention among the prominent and representative citizens of Sacramento county, and should find a place in the history of the men of business and enterprise in the great west whose force of character and marked success in establishing great industries have contributed in such an eminent degree to the progress of the country.

Source: History of the New California - Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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