Jacob Schultz, for over thirty-five years a California resident, is one of the most extensive dairymen in the state and has in many ways been identified with the best interests of his locality, being an able and successful business man, a citizen of eminent public spirit, and in all the relations of life a man of correct principles and high character. His home ranch near Franklin in Sacramento county contains seven hundred and ninety-four acres, all of which is devoted to the various branches of the dairy industry, and he also owns another farm of two hundred acres a short distance from his homestead. These large landed interests have come to him as the result of his own industry and thrifty management, since he began life without any considerable capital and has relied on his own efforts for his success. Successful in material affairs, he has not neglected the other aspects of life, and is an especial friend of public education, having served for some years as a member, and part of the time as clerk, of the board of trustees of the Point Pleasant school district, in which he resides.

Mr. Schultz was born in Holstein, Germany, November 26, 1851, a son of Henry and Gesche (Woebke) Schultz, also natives of Holstein. Afforded a good education in the German language, supplemented by practical experience, he lived only during the first eighteen years of his life in his native land, and in 1869 took passage at Hamburg on a steamer which two weeks later landed him in New York city and the country of his choice. Thence he came out direct to California, by the isthmus route, and has ever since been a resident of Sacramento county. During the first years of his residence in the county he was employed by others in farming and then farmed for a time as a renter, but in 1887 located upon his present estate and has since been proprietor and operator of his own extensive property.

Mr. Schultz married, April 6, 1883, Elizabeth A. Zornig, who was born in Holstein, Germany, September 15, 1857. She came to America in 1882, and after a short time spent in Chicago, Illinois, she came to California in 1883 and in the same year was married. To this happy union seven children were born, three of whom are deceased, the others being Katie E., Henry J., Jacob W. and Martha. Mr. Schultz is a member of the Evangelical association, and his wife is also a member of the same religious denomination and an active member of the ladies' Aid Society connected therewith.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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