John Tretheway, a representative and prosperous farmer and stockman of San Joaquin county, has lived in this part of the state for the past thirty-five years. On his ranch of seven hundred and twenty acres near the town of Lockford he has been able to make more than a good living, and has often given his efforts in a public-spirited manner to the upbuilding and progress of his entire community.

Born in Cornwall, England, May 7, 1851, he was a son of John and Rebecca A. (Pinch) Tretheway, both natives of Cornwall, where the family has lived for many years, and his maternal grandfather pinch was in his day a rector of the Church of England. The first seventeen years of his life were spent in his native land, where he grew up trained in honest habits and industry and education as well as time and his parents' circumstances would permit, although he is a really self-educated and self-made man. In 1868 he emigrated to America, crossing the Atlantic on the steamer City of New Zealand from Liverpool to New York, being fourteen days en voyage. For a short time he was employed in mining and farming in the state of New Jersey, but in the same year he came out to California, via the isthmus route, and has ever since been a resident and active participant in the affairs of San Joaquin county. Farming and stock-raising have been the pursuits from which he has gained his largest prosperity, and he has followed them steadily ever since coming here. He settled on his present ranch in 1869, and during the subsequent period of more than a third of a century he has been able to make his farm a model in point of productivity and improvements.

Mr. Tretheway was married, January 1, 1878, to Miss Amanda Goodwin, who was born in Napa county, this state, being a daughter of A. D. Goodwin, one of the early settlers of San Joaquin county. Eight children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Tretheway, six of whom are living, as follows: Effie A., wife of R. F. Patton, being the eldest; John D., Charles W., George F., James Arthur and Mary A.

Politically speaking Mr. Tretheway has always been a Republican, although with strong Prohibition tendencies. He is eminently public spirited, favoring anything that will promote the general good of his county, and is a particularly good friend of education. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church at Lockeford, and is now serving as trustee of that church, and has also served as steward at large in the church. He was one of the incorporators of the Bank of Lodi, at Lod, and served as a director in the institution for several years, although he sometime ago severed his connection therewith and has now no interests in the bank. He is also known as one of the promoters and founders of the well known "San Jacinto colony" in San Diego county. In many ways he has taken position among the prominent and influential citizens of San Joaquin county, and his actions and opinions are valued accordingly.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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