Each nation on the face of the globe has strongly marked characteristics. The sons of Sweden are note for their thrift and honesty--qualities which make them valued citizens in any community. A noted traveler and lecturer, asked to epitomize Sweden, replied: "This is the home of the honest man." Exemplifying in his life the salient traits of his race, Mr. Larson has become one of the leading and respected farmers and dairymen of San Joaquin county, living at Manteca Station.

Born in Sweden, March 24, 1850, he was there reared and educated. His parents, also natives of that country, are now deceased. He remained in Sweden until eighteen years of age, when in 1868, he boarded a vessel--the steamer City of Baltimore--then lying at anchor in the harbor of Gothenburg. The voyage of fifteen days was successfully completed and he landed at New York city, after which he at once made his way to Goodhue county, Minnesota, in which locality so many of his countrymen have settled. There he resided for about five years, when in 1873 he came to California. While in Minnesota he had attended school for two winter seasons, and had thus greatly improved his knowledge of English as well as adding to his general information. On reaching the Pacific coast he came direct to San Joaquin county, where he was engaged in farming for a few years, and then removed to Stanislaus county, which continued to be his place of residence until his return to San Joaquin county in 1896. He then settled on his present ranch at Manteca Station, where he owns and cultivates eighty acres of rich land. He is most progressive in his methods of farming and his labors have been attended with excellent results. His farm is now under a very high state of cultivation, made so by irrigation and the labor he bestows upon the fields. He is a very strong advocate of irrigation and his own work has proved the value of this plan of making the soil fertile. He is likewise engaged in the dairy business and is a director of the Cowell Station Creamery Company, Incorporated, conducting an extensive and profitable business.

Mr. Larson was married in October, 1884, to Miss Reora Talley, who was born in Indiana and is a daughter of James Talley, now a resident of Manteca, making his home with his daughter Mrs. Larson. By this marriage five children have been born: Hugo, Bertha, Westside T., Chester and John W. Mr. Larson usually votes with the Democratic party, and he is now serving as turstee of the Union school district. He is most loyal and patriotic in citizenship. He came to America to be a citizen of the republic and no native-born son is more faithful in his allegiance to the starts and stripes. He has enjoyed liberties and advantages under this banner, and he has learned to love his adopted country in a manner that leads to his earnest support of every measure which he believes will promote local improvement and national achievement.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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