L. S. Foss is a prominent farmer and stock-raiser of San Joaquin county. He owns six hundred and forty acres of land at Avena station, having his postoffice at Ellisworth, and his farmstead as regards equipment, improvements and state of cultivation has few superiors in the entire San Joaquin valley. Mr. Foss is an enterprising man as well as a public-spirited citizen, and his efficient conduct of business affairs has often been demonstrated since he took up his residence in this county of the state of California. He came out to California in 1876, when a young and ambitious man of twenty-three years, and has ever since that date made his home and center of operations in San Joaquin county. Besides the general farming products, he raises mules and cattle.

Mr. Foss comes from the most eastern state of the union. He was born in Androscoggin county, Maine, June 7, 1853, being a son of Augustus L. and Caroline (Lothrop) Foss, both also natives of Maine. His father is deceased, but his mother is at present a resident of Pacific Grove, California. His father had a long line of worthy Engllish forefathers, with an ancestry tracing back to the time of William the Conqueror. On his mother's side there is historical mention of the Rev. John Lothrop who came over on the Mayflower, and whose descendants have since been scattered to nearly all the states of the Union. Mr. Foss's mother is now eighty-two years of age.

Mr. L. S. Foss was reared and educated at his native home until he was seventeen years old. He developed qualities of self-reliance and sturdiness at an early age, and has really been the architect of his own fortunes. At the age of seventeen he left the old home and went to Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where for five or six years he was employed in varous shoe shops. He made the most important move of his life when, in 1876, he broke loose from the ties that bound him to the east and came to California to make his home and fortune. And now for nearly thirty years he has been identified with agriculture and its kindred activities in San Joaquin county, with much success and satisfaction to himself. He has one of the most commodious and pleasant residences in this part of the county. He is an intelligent advocate of Republican principles. He lends a good citizen's attention to public affairs, and is always willing to help along any enterprise that redounds to the general welfare of the community. He fraternizes with Truth Lodge No. 55, I. O. O. F., at Stockton.

Mr. Foss married, in 1893, Mrs. Martha Swartz, who was born in California, being a daughter of A. L. Page, a prominent stock-raiser of Modoc county.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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