Numbered among the prominent and influential farmers and honored pioneers of San Joaquin county is Martin Lammers, who now resides on Union Island, where he has made his home continuously since 1876. His residence in California, however, dates from 1854, in which year he came by way of the isthmus route from New York city, landing at San Francisco. He is also classed among the worthy citizens that the fatherland has furnished to the Golden state, for his birth occurred in Hanover, Germany, on the 26th of October, 1831, his parents being Henry and Maarguerita (Dascher) Lammers, who were also natives of Germany.

In that country Martin Lammers spent the days of his boyhood and youth, and his education was acquired in the common schools of Germany. He is a well informed man, having through reading, observation and practical experience greatly broadened his knowledge, and keeps well informed on all questions and issues of the day and has been a recognized leader in public thought and opinion in this community. As before stated, he arrived in California in 1854, landing at San Francisco, where he remained for a number of years. He was there engaged in merchandising, and in 1866 he came to San Joaquin county, locating on the plains near what was then known as Moore's Landing. There he resided until 1876, when he took up his abode on his present ranch, his home being on Union Island. He owns a valuable and extensive tract of land of eleven hundred and twenty acres on this island, all of which is under a high state of cultivation, and in his farming operations he has met with very desirable and creditable success, so conducting his efforts that he has worked his way gradually upward from a humble financial position to one of prosperity.

Mr. Lammers has also been active and prominent in community interests, and has been the supporter of every measure calculated to advance the general welfare. His political allegiance has been given the Republican party since he attained his majroity and he has represented San Joaquin county in the general assembly, serving during the session of 1876, during which time he left the impress of his individuality upon the legislation enacted in the houses. He was the author of and introduced what is known as the West Side Irrigation Bill, comprising a district extending from Tulare lake to Antioch, California, the purpose of this bill being to provide irrigation for this section of the county and thus reclaim its arid lands for cultivation. He studied carefully every question which came up for settlement during the period of his services in the legislature, and became an active working member of the house, his public career characterized by a patriotic citizenship and marked devotion to the general good. Socially Mr. Lammers is connected with Sumner Lodge No. 177, I. O. O. F., at Tracy, and also holds membership with West Side Lodge No. 118, K. of P., at Tracy, and is a member of the encampment of the former organization. In his life he exemplifies the beneficent spirit of these fraternal bodies and is ever true to their teachings.

On the 24th of February, 1860, Mr. Lammers was united in marriage to Miss Dorothea Finck, a sister of Henry Finck, of San Joaquin county, California, who is represented elsewhere in this work. Mr. Lammers is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church at Tracy, is serving as one of its trustees and takes an active and helpful part in its work. Viewed from a financial standpoint, his life may be said to be a success, and he is numbered among the prominent and enterprising citizens of his county, for he is ever interested in all that pertains to its material, political, social, intellectual and moral progress. His friends know him as a man of genuine worth, and all with whom he has come in contact entertain for him high regard.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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