Peter J. Chalmers has been a prosperous and enterprising representative of agricultural interests in San Joaquin county for the past twenty or more years. He now owns a fine ranch near Avena, where he located some years ago, and for a number of years previous had farmed and made his residence at Farmington. He has been a very successful man, is shrewd and capable in business matters and a good manager and organizer. The community is also the richer by his public-spirited citizenship, and in numerous ways he has acted for the common welfare and upbuilding of the county in its material interests.

Mr. Chalmers was born in Lenox county, Ontario, August 18, 1858, being a son of the late Captain James Chalmers and of Margaret (Nixon) chalmers, who still lives in Canada in advanced years. His father was born in England, and for many years was a siling master and a ship-owner on the Great Lakes, where he gained his familiar title of "Captain." The latter years of his busy and useful career were spent in Lenox county, Ontario, where he was engaged in farming and where his life finally came to a close. The Chalmers were of Scotch origin, while the Nixon ancestors were Irish.

Mr. Peter J. Chalmers grew to manhood in his native county and province. He gained his early scholastic training from the educational fountain of the public schools, but the lessons of those early days have been many times relearned in the practical school of experience. He became familiar with farm work from his earliest youth, and has practically never known any other vocation than that of agriculture. After he had attained to maturity, in the fall of 1879, he came out to California. he remained until the spring of 1880 in San Francisco, and then came to Farmington, San Joaquin county. For several years he was engaged in the operation of a threshing outfit, and did a large amount of work in this line about twenty years ago. He launched out into an independent career of farming in 1883, and has been thus engaged ever since, first near Farmington and for the past several years near Avena. His home ranch contains twelve hundred acres, all of which is under cultivation, and the productivity and value of part of it much enhanced by being under irrigation.

Mr. Chalmers is now serving as a trustee of the Van Allen school district, and while a resident of Farmington he served in the same capacity for the Shady Grove district. In national politics he is a Republican, and fraternally is affiliated with the Masonic order at Stockton.

Mr. Chalmers' wife is a member of the well known and prominnt Harrold family, pioneers of San Joaquin county, her father, Nathan S. Harrold, lately deceased, having come to this county in the early years of its civilized history. Her maiden name was Miss Nevada Harrold, and she and Mr. Chalmers were united in marriage in September, 1885. The following children were born of this union: James A., Wallace W., Olive E., Harrold A., Grace O., David M., Wesley and Edith.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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