Ray Dennison Clark, who is filling the position of electrical, mechanical and sanitary engineer at the Veterans' Home of California at Yountville, was born at Grand Rapids, Michigan, on the 24th of November, 1874. His father, O. E. Clark, was a native of New York, and after arriving at years of maturity was married to Vera m. hyde, who was also born in the Empire state. He resided for some time in Michigan and afterward removed to Leadville, Colorado, and subsequently to Aspen, that state. The father arrived there in 1879 and the mother joined him in his western home in 1882. They afterward became residents of California, and Mr. O. E. Clark is now filling the position of manager of the Napa Gas and Electric Company.

To the public schools of Leadville, Colorado, Ray Dennison Clrk is indebted for the early educational privileges which he received. he was graduated in the Aspen high school with the class of 1890, and afterward came to California with his father, Napa being their destination. A year later they were joined by the wife and mother, wh arrived in 1891. Mr. Clark's first work was in the installation of the Napa Thompson-Houston Light Company, with which he was connected for two years. On the expiration of that period he entered the service of the General Electric Company in 1892 as outside foreman, filling that position until 1898. During that period he became engaged in the construction of the Folsom transmission plant at Sacramento, the Bakersfield plant and the plant of the Los Angeles Edison Company, running a line from Santa Anna to Los Angeles. He was likewise connected with the construction of the transmission plant for electric power for the Gold Hill gold mines at Hassel, Montana, and the erection of the lighting plant at Mazatean, Mexico. He further continued his work in this direction by the erection of the power plant at Four Hills gold mines in Plumas county, California. He installed the electric generator at Oroville, Butte county, California, and in April, 1900, he was appointed electrical, mechanical and sanitary engineer of the Veterans' Home of California. At this writing in 1904 he is engaged in the erection of a new plant at the home. it is to consist of a one hundred and forty horsepower steam engine, two hundred and forty horsepower boilers and one thousand lights. There is also to be a six-ton ice machine, several small electric pumps and a motor for crushing rock. Mr. Clark has entered upon a business career for which he seems especially qualified, his work being of a character that shows marked skill and ability. Through experience and investigation he has continually broadened his knowledge and promoted his efficiency, and in the line of his chosen calling he has performed important service in California.

Mr. Clark was married in Napa on the 10th of January, 1900, to Miss Emma Schultz, of Michigan. He is identified with the order of Elks and with the Masonic fraternity and is well known as a typical western man, alert, enterprising and progressive.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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