Richard W. Travis is a representative of the farming industry in San Joaquin county and is a well known pioneer. He makes his home near Tracy and dates his residence in California from 1864, in which year he came across the plains with an emigrant wagon train, making the journey in the usual manner of the early settlers. On reaching the Golden state he came direct to San Joanquin county, where he has since resided.

Mr. Travis is a native of Missouri, his birth having occurred in Pike county on 29th of April, 1837. His parents were Richard and Mary (Parsons) Travis, both natives of Virginia. When he was in his fifth year his father removed with the family from Missouri to Grant county, Wisconsin, and Richard W. Travis was there reared to manhood, acquiring his education in the district schools of the neighborhood. His advantages, however, were somewhat limited, but he has made a good use of his opportunities in life and has gained broad general information, and at the same time has won a comfortable competence through the careful management of his business interests. When a young man he resolved to seek a home in the far west, and in 1864 started from Wisconsin for California with a wagon train. In the same company traveled his parents and other members of the family. They were just six months in completing the journey from Grant county, Wisconsin, to Stockton, California, and his parents settled on the sand plains in San Joaquin county and were pioneers there. The mother died in 1874 and the father passed away in 1886.

Richard W. Travis began farming in San Joaquin county in the fall of 1864 upon a tract of land east of Stockton, and there he carried on agricultural pursuits for a short time. Subsequently he followed farming on the sand plains in the neighborhood of French Camp, and in 1869 took up his abode near Tracy, where he continued farming until the fall of 1873. In that year he turned his attention to the sheep industry in the Lone Treecanyon in San Joaquin county, and for several years continued to engage in the raising of sheep, having at one time a flock of nine thousand head. He had two partners at that time, John B. Travis and John W. Bird, the business being conducted under the firm name of Bird & Travis Brothers. In 1881 Mr. Travis sold his interest and since that time has been engaged in general agricultural pursuits. In 1878 he purchased the ranch upon which he now resides, comprising one hundred and sixty acres. He removed to this place in 1884 and has since made it his home. It is now a well improved property, thoroughly equipped with good buildings and modern accessories, and in his farming operations he is meeting with desirable success.

Mr. Travis is a Democrat in his political views, but does not consider himself bound by party ties and frequently votes independently. In matters of citizenship he is progressive and energetic and gives a helpful support to many measures for the general good. The success that has attended his efforts in business is well merited, because he has labored consecutively and at all times has been honorable in his dealings with his fellow men.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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