Thomas J. Sinnott is one of the extensive landowners of Santa Clara county, his possessions aggregating five hundred and seventy-one acres, all included within the boundary of his home farm. This property is the visible evidence of his life of thrift and industry, and his history shows what can be accomplished by determination and force of character. He is a native of Quebec, Canada, his birth having occurred in that city on the 1st of January, 1838.

His parents were John and Elizabeth (Bulger) Sinnott, who though born in Ireland were of French descent. It was about the year 1831 that John Sinnott crossed the Atlantic and established his home in Quebec, following the occupation of farming in that locality. There he remained for twenty years, and on the expiration of that period came to California with his family in 1851, making the trip by way of the Panama route. He first settled near Mountain View on the Murphy estate, but in 1856 removed to the vicinity of Milpitas, where he purchased four hundred acres of land, becoming one of the early pioneer residents of that locality. He improved his farm so that in course of time it became a valuable and productive property, on which he engaged in the raising of grain and also in stock-raising and in dairying. He was practical in his business methods, energetic and enterprising, and the success which he achieved was the result of untiring effort through an honorable business career. Both he and his wife died in 1883, when eighty-three years of age, there being less than a month's difference in the time of their deaths.

Thomas J. Sinnott acquired his early education in Canada. He attended private schools and has largely supplemented his knowledge through experience, observation and reading in later years. He was a youth of fifteen when, in 1851, he came with his father's family to the Pacific coast. Here he worked upon the home farm, and following his father's death he and his brother Patrick took charge of the property and have conducted it up to the present time. Thomas J. Sinnott has never married, but Patrick Sinnott, who was born in 1842, was married to Miss Helen Twohig, a native of California, her parents having located in this state in early pioneer days. The brothers have always been associated in their work and business interests, and their ranch now comprises five hundred and seventy-one acres of valuable land, which is well improved with all modern equipments.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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