Theodore Mueller is a fine representative of the German born American citizen, as a powerful factor in the industrial life of the republic and an influence of good in citizenship and morals. He is one of the foremost ranchers and stock farmers of San Joaquin county, with a fine estate near the city of Stockton. He came west and settled in San Joaquin county in 1883, when a young man in years, and with a man's courage and industry. He has progressed to his present prosperity mainly by reliance on his own efforts, and is therefore regarded among his neighbors and friends with that peculiar esteem always bestowed upon those who achieve their own welfare and success.

Mr. Mueller has lived and been identified with the life and spirit of San Joaquin county for the past twenty years. He now owns a farm of three hundred and twenty acres of land, and in addition rents and cultivates eleven hundred other acres, farming it to the general crops and raising a large number of cattle and stock each year.

Mr. Mueller remembers as the acene of his birth a little place along the wonderful river Rhine, so replete with history and tradition. He was born there on November 2, 1857, being a son of John and Mary Mueller, who are both now deceased. He was just four years old when he lost his father, and his mother afterward married Mr. M. Ross. For several years more he lived in the land of his birth, obtaining some schooling in his mother tongue and attaining to considerable strength and size before he snapped the cords that bound him to a still beloved fatherland. When he was ten years old his mother and her second husband, accompanied by their children, came to America, settling in Wright county, Minnesota. The son Theodore was there reared to manhood, and had the principal part of his education in this country. In 1883, when twenty-six years old, he sought his home and fortune on the western coast. He was in San Franicisco for a short time, and in the same year came to San Joaquin county. For a time he was in the employ of Alexander Horn, and afterward advanced to the position of foreman of a large ranch owned by Charles Belding, of Stockton. His capability and continued diligence soon brought him to his own, and by 1888 was engaged in farming on his own account, having continued it with increasing success to the present.

Mr. Mueller is a stanch Republican in politics. He affiliates with the Ancient Order of Druids at Stockton, and is also a member of the Hermann Sons of Stockton. Whenever possible he has been eager to perform public-spirited service for his community, and has never been lacking in matters of citizenship.

Mr. Mueller was married, March 20, 1885, to Miss Minnie M. May, a native of Portland, Oregon. The family circle now contains six bright children, some of whom are already prepared to enter upon the responsibilities of life and honor the worthy examples of their father and mother. The names of these sons and daughters are Otto F., Oscar T., Nora M., Clara B., Anita and Irene.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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