Warren B. Ellenwood, now a resident of Pacific Grove, California, made his home in San Joaquin county for many years and is well known and popular among its residents, especially in Dent township, where he owned and operated a ranch not far from Atlanta. Mr. Ellenwood is a native of Wisconsin, born in 1842. He resided in Wisconsin for some time, and war married in the middle west, having been joined in wedlock with Miss Matilda Miller. About thirty-five years ago he came with his family to California, from Wisconsin, locating in San Joaquin county, locating some time later on what was formerly known as the Stetson ranch, but is now called the Ellenwood ranch. He afterward removed to a ranch which he owned near Modesto in Stanislaus county, where he made his home for a number of years, and then took up his abode at Pacific Grove, California, where he is now living at the age of sixty-two years.

To Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Ellenwood were born four children, who are yet living: Luella L., wife of Jesse F. Miller; Jay W., Dolly A., the wife of W. E. Strother; and Charles.

Mr. Ellenwood usually votes with the Republican party, but strongly endorses Prohibition principles, and is a stanch advocate of the cause of temperance, endeavoring to promote that cause by example as well as precept. For many years he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church at Atlanta and took a very active part in its work. His influence was ever on the side of right and order, and he is amost honorable, reliable man, whose entire career has been characterized by manly principles and allegiance to high ideals. While a resident of Dent township he was classed among the leading agriculturists and stock-raisers of his locality, and the extent of his business and his success made him well known.

Jay W. Ellenwood, who is now residing on the old Ellenwood ranch, was born in San Joaquin county, August 27, 1872, was reared upon the home farm, and attended the public schools, while later his early educational privileges were supplemented by study in the University of the Pacific at San Jose, California. After arriving at years of maturity he married Miss Addie M. Curtis, a native of Maine, and a daughter of Edward Curtis and Eva Davison, also natives of Maine. They now have two children: Everett W. and Cecil A.

The family home is a ranch of one hundred and seventy-seven acres of good land, much of which has been irrigated and rendered very productive. Mr. Ellenwood is a stanch advocate of irrigation, realizing its value in the cultivation of California lands, upon which little rain falls. In all of his farming methods he is progressive, practical and enterprising, and his labors are attended with good results. In political belief Mr. Ellenwood is a Republican, but the honors and emoluments of office have no attraction for him, his entire time and attention being given to his business affairs. He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church of Atlanta, and both are well known in the county, where their circle of friends is an extensive one.

Source: History of the New California Its Resources and People, Volume II

The Lewis Publishing Company - 1905
Edited by Leigh H. Irvine

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